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Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most important milestones in the online marketing and has really re-defined the ways business is conducted all over the world. Search engine marketing (SEM) has in fact added another dimension or an option that is innovative and novel. The innovative concept has also given remarkable returns on investment (RoI) to business houses-big, medium and small all over the world. However, going by the basic rule of the World Wide Web, everything must change and Search engine marketing (SEM) will not be any different. The experts have done a lot of crystal ball gazing and have found that that beyond 2009, the world of Search engine marketing (SEM) will not really be the same anymore. The findings are mixed and let us take a look at the forecasts:

Search engine marketing (SEM), as the experts say, will continue to do well but may not be able to sustain the frenetic pace of the yesteryears. The experts happily found that the entrepreneurs and the advertisers have been busier than ever with the technology but the projected growth rate in revenue all over the world has been dipping just a bit. While the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization – SEMPO projected revenue of $15.7 million in 2008, the actual revenue was close to $11 million. In fact, 2008 could mark the time when Search engine marketing (SEM) started to slow down.

The Internet marketers all over the world will be in for a huge change in how they have been presenting content to the world. The immediate future is going to see a proliferation of different gadgets that will be used to access Internet. People will be moving to mobile phones and other kinds of devices a lot more than they did in the past and the advertisers will need to customize content presentation so that they are compatible with these gadgets. About 6.89 million iPhones were sold in the quarter 3 of 2008 and with the kind of power an iPhone packs; Internet marketer s will have their plates full in customizing the content.

Obviously, the trend is suggesting that while the past methods in Search engine marketing (SEM) may have done well, it may be the time when these methods gradually pave the way for other techniques. The experts have pointed out that while Search engine marketing (SEM) is going to be around for a long time, the business houses must bring in enough innovation and adapt with times to survive and thrive. The future depends on how well the Internet marketers are able to customize their content based on the various devices used to access Internet.

Obviously, Search engine marketing (SEM) has been following the traditional rule of the World Wide Web where change is the only constant. The search engine optimization and marketing is a concept that is inherently resilient. It will keep changing and adapting with changing customer preferences and will throw new challenges at the Internet marketer.

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