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You know what opinions are like … and you know that everybody has an opinion! What you may not have known is that carefully considered, well-expressed and constructive opinions can actually be very valuable in building up your website linking statistics. It’s as if you could buy Internet advertising. Reviews are gold on the new Internet, where there is a zetabyte of information (literally!) and very little way to assess the value of it, other than asking somebody who has already been there and read that! Here’s how giving your opinion, or asking for other people’s opinions, could actually make a difference to your website linking profile.

Get links by doing blog reviews or website reviews
All sorts of blogs and websites want to get opinions out there on the net about their site. In these reviews, you can be completely honest … but if you choose to criticize and you’d like to keep your website linking from their site, do at least be constructive!

Review products and services
When people are looking for a particular product or service on the Internet, they are instantly hit with a flood of marketing garbage as soon as they hit the ‘Search’ button on Google. Start a company blog and review products or services that are related to your niche. Here are some tips for writing a highly trafficked (and popularly linked-to!) review post:
* Actually buy the product or service!
* Take photos to support your review
* Take video to support your review, if appropriate
* Give an honest opinion
* Make your opinion easy to find and assess – use a star rating system for various aspects of the product or service.

Host your own user reviews
If one opinion is good, then many opinions is many times better, in website linking terms! People love the ability to get their opinions off their chest … whether they be positive or negative. Host your own user reviews of non-competing products and services, and people will be happy to boost your website linking numbers.

Review products on other sites
Sites like ePinions get a lot of traffic, and if you write an ‘expert’ style review, the website linking that you provide along with your review is likely to attract real traffic from real people.

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