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No two email advertising campaigns are alike, just as no two email messages are alike. A good email marketing campaign consists of many different ingredients. These ingredients include proper wording, a strong call to action, and identifying and attending to your target audience’s needs, wants, and desires. Do you know what good email advertising is? Can you identify it when you see it?

Good vs. Bad Email Advertising

Good email advertising makes you read on. It is the type of email advertising that encourages you to click on an email because the subject line is enticing. Email advertising done right ensures you not only open the email, but also read it and click through to the site or purchase a product or service.

How do you get to that point? Any good email advertiser knows that you have to figure out how to inspire people if you want to get them to buy your products and services. How do you do that? It isn’t as hard as you may think. Here are some tips for creating great messages as part of your email advertising campaign. Keep in mind that email advertising should be included as part of a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign.

* First, get personal. It is difficult to connect with a target audience through a computer, but start by greeting your prospects, and then identifying with them. To do this, figure out what needs you can fulfill for your prospects, and then define them.

* Next, stay personal. People want to feel like you care about them, and are not just selling a product or service. One effective tactic is storytelling. People like to read stories – but only if they’re plausible. If you continue a storyline through the course of several email advertising messages, most people will keep reading just to find out what happens.

* Make sure your sales copy is not over the top. People don’t like to be harassed when they enter a retail store by sales personnel. The same is true of email advertising. No one wants to open an email message, only to be bombarded by a sales pitch right away or by a call to action BEFORE you get to know him or her. While your email messages should always include a call for action, make sure you approach your prospects gently – at least in the beginning when you are trying to establish a relationship.

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