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Popunder ads are sometimes derided as seedy, seen as a cheap alternative to ‘real’ advertising. In fact, popunder advertising has netted companies millions of dollars, and been used by brands that care deeply about their reputation … and yes, they have quite a reputation to care for! Today we are looking at some of the big names that have dabbled in popunder advertising on their sites.

1. Orbitz
This is the brand that began the whole popunder advertising craze, one of the biggest names to initiate and track a popunder advertising campaign from its beginning, and also one of the brands to make the biggest bucks from its campaigns. Orbitz saw big click through rates and enormous conversion statistics from their popunder campaign, and encouraged many others to get on the gravy train.

2. Tripadvisor
Tripadvisor used popunder ads for a significant amount of time, using them to push accommodation or accommodation providers in the location that the visitor was searching for information on. The ads themselves were very natural and non-intrusive.

3. Condenet
If there ever was a brand that cared about its image more than Conde Nast, I’ve yet to encounter it! The Conde Net site used popunder advertising for a while, and while their consumer interest is ongoing, they suffered no reputational damage.

4. J Brand Jeans
Another high-end company that turned the popunder advertising craze to its advantage in the past. They no longer use popunder ads throughout their site, but had success with them for a period.

5. Cingular
Back before this company merged with AT&T, you could find popunder advertising throughout their site, letting you know about special offers related to the pages you viewed, etc. Their popunder advertising was all contextual.

6. X10
This was one of the big names in popunder advertising for quite some time, experiencing huge success and perhaps even spawning Orbitz’s foray into the online marketing medium.

7. NY Times
This is a Conde Nast publication (you might remember them from company number 3!), which used to use popunder ads frequently on their site. They were limited to one per visitor per day, to keep the ads themselves novel and interesting.

8. Yahoo
They ran popunder advertising in the early 2000s for quite a while, and made quite a bit of revenue from them.

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