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After determining what banner ad size will suit your message best, the next most important factor in choosing a size is the sort of response it will create from consumers! There is no single magical banner ad size that will put your brand recognition through the roof, your response rates up to 10% and will be accepted on websites everywhere … but consumers do think differently about different banner advertising sizes. Here are some of those thoughts!

468×60 Banners
These are somewhat of an awkward size. Most of the sites offering 468×60 banners have them left over as a relic from many years ago … they simply haven’t upgraded their advertising standards. This is definitely not the width of a standard computer screen, so it doesn’t allow the content to stand out along the top of the web page – it usually ends up being surrounded by ads with little opportunity to stand out. Worst, consumers simply see it as a hangover from the early nineties … the dotcom bust era.

120×600 or 160×600 Banners
This is the skyscrapers size, and it is relatively heavy use across the net still. From a consumer’s point of view, these are definite attention grabbers. However, they often necessitate scrolling back up or down in order to see the whole ad, and many people just won’t bother. After all, it isn’t like most consumers have a shortfall of advertising in their lives!

300×250 and 180×150 Banners
These ‘close to square’ banners are much mire widely used nowadays – you have probably noticed that many web design and blogging sites nowadays have a raft of them along the right hand side. They are actually seen as quite a contemporary banner advertising size by your consumers. The other reason that consumers are starting to appreciate these more regular sizes is that DESIGNERS are starting to appreciate them more! It is actually pretty difficult to fit images and copy within a horizontally or vertically thin advertisement, and many of them end up looking pretty so-so. Listen to your designers – if it’s good for the graphics folks, it’s good for your customers!

Of course, there are dozens of different banner advertising sizes to choose from on many sites. As a general guideline, look for balance of horizontal and vertical space, and take up as much of the web page as you can!

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