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Get an idea for a blog, write some content, get advertisers, get rich. The entire process sounds simple, and many people focus exclusively on the ‘idea’ and ‘content writing’ stages of blogging, to the detriment of what could be the most important side … the blog advertising. Like most industries in our very big, very diverse world nowadays, advertising is full of complexities. And blog advertising has its own little quirks that demand good understanding if you’re going to have not only a well-read blog, but a financially rewarding one! Here are the top 5 reasons that blog advertising should be handled by the experts.

1. They have an understanding of fair pricing
People with little experience in blog advertising (either hosting it, or doing their own) usually have little concept of fair pricing in blog advertising. The lack of a realistic price for services will be a negotiations killer very early in the piece.

2. The technical details can be difficult
The technical specifics of targeting different IP addresses, which ad formats will work best, allowing scripts, etc tae a long time just to grasp their definitions … let alone make judgments on what will be best for your blog!

3. Because if your attention suffers, your blog suffers
And if your blog suffers, then the core offering at the center of that blog advertising campaign is devalued. If your blog isn’t at its absolute best, there is no sense engaging in heavy advertising and marketing for it. If people see it at less-than-its-best, you actually have the potential to create negative publicity. Not ideal!

4. Systems to make it easier
All businesses develop systems for their core activities to make them more efficient and cost effective over time. If you pay somebody the equivalent of $40 per hour to do a task that would take you three hours at $20 per hour of your own labor … the smartest option is clear!

5. For in-house advertising, the pitch is crucial
If you’re thinking about running advertising on your blog, you need the professional’s help to cerate the ‘pitch’ for potential advertisers. Once this has been created (and uploaded to your ‘Advertising information’ page), it can pretty much be forgotten. But having that professional help to begin with can really bump up your blog advertising profits.

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