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There is an art to the creation of a good press release, defined as one that will be accepted by various news media outlets and one that will sell. Obviously, the goal with any press release is to tell a story about a new business, product, service, or venture. For an online business, a press release can be a huge player in the overall website promotion scheme. However, to ensure the press release is well written so it will get a ton of attention, there are some specific things to consider:

* White Paper and Article – When writing or having a press release created, wrap it around a white paper or article. Keep in mind, regardless of the size of your website or the product/service being sold, the goal is to educate people so they have a better understanding of why and how your process, product, or technology is going to benefit them. A great way to do this is to create the press release around an article or white paper, keeping it to a single page but with pertinent information.

* Indirect and Direct Website Marketing – Once the press release has been completed, it is important to release it not only to the market niche you hope to capture but also to your existing customers. For one thing, you are providing customers with updated and important information but you are also showing them that they are important to you and that you appreciate their ongoing business. Using both indirect and direct marketing promotion tools such as email, you can help guide existing customers to the site where a copy of the press release resides.

* Using the Wire – While there are new and more innovative means of distributing a press release, you should also consider the more traditional option of wire. The benefit here is that this is where many reporters get their information. The press release going over the wire will be categorized and then specific alerts sent out. Again, using this and newer opportunities means you are covering more ground, thus having the chance to increase traffic to your site more effectively.

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