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Affiliate marketing is a lucrative and exciting means to increase web traffic. The thing to remember with affiliate marketing is that you will likely never become rich merely by promoting other’s sites. However, you can use affiliate marketing to increase web traffic to your own site, actually being able to enjoy a nice profit.

Rather than put in a tremendous amount of work in setting your site up to make money, you should learn about some of the common challenges associated with affiliate marketing so you can make changes to avoid problems.

* Cookies – The way cookies work is that merchants will actually use them to determine where your referrals are located. Typically, once a person comes to your website, he or she will not make a purchase the first time. However, when these cookies become tagged using your affiliate identification even without a first time sale, you still get credit for the lead. To increase sales, you can actually use session and IP tracking along with cookies.

* Payment Options – Another challenge of web promotion using affiliates is that while customers love having a variety of payment options, it does not benefit the affiliate. The reason is that if a customer were to use a payment system from the affiliate and not you, then you end up losing commission. For this reason, you want to check out potential affiliates carefully to make sure you have a clear understanding of credit you would or would not get based on the way the payment was made.

* Phone Payments – Today, some web promotion can be done by using off line, pre-sales. While this does have some advantages, the problem is that without a standardized checkout process, there is no way for the sale to be tracked. Therefore, when talking to various affiliates, always ask about off line tracking.

* Links – Today, you can visit almost any website and see one or more affiliate links. Some will be subtle while others are very obvious. The problem is that some people become annoyed by affiliate links and will avoid them altogether, or if they want to go to the other site, type the address into the address field. Again, you need to talk to the affiliate to understand how you would be credited in cases such as this.

* Decoys – The bottom line is that for web promotion with affiliates, you should never use decoy products and/or services. The reason is that people will enter your website believing they are finding exactly what they want only to discover the product or service is not available.

* Website Structure – The more professional and easy to navigate your website is structured, the more the best affiliates will want to have a connection. Therefore, remember that web promotion and a successful online business always begins with a great site.

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