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Article marketing is a web-wide phenomenon – just about every company that ranks highly for high search volume keywords writes articles to promote themselves. Putting words on paper is not the beginning and end of the process, however! We look at some article marketing tips that help make sure you achieve your goals.

Tip #1: Research your keywords thoroughly

Even if you have been using a particular set of keywords for a long time, the beginning of an article marketing campaign is a great time to review them. Ensure the keywords you are using throughout the articles are:

* Still relevant to your business
* Still gaining a high search volume and have relatively low competition
* Still representative of the way customers search and speak

Tip #2: Follow keyword placement best practices

You should include a keyword in the title of your article, the first sentence and the last sentence, at a minimum. The only way to do this while sounding natural and smooth is to ensure that your keywords are intrinsically relevant to your business, and that your article topic is intrinsically relevant to your keywords!

Use long-tail keywords to help target your traffic better, and use a variety of them throughout the text to help broaden your focus. This will also help ensure that your articles keep bringing you rankings and traffic in the long-term, as well as the short term.

Tip #3: Create a unique About the Author box

Your About the Author box is what makes the difference between article marketing for SEO, and just writing advice for the fun of it! Putting a little more effort than standard into your resource box can get you great results. Include a link to a free white paper, report or mini-ebook on a topic related to the article content in this text. You could also think about including offline contact information, if it is appropriate to your business, or a subscription page URL for your newsletter, for example.

You’ve got the quality content, the submission strategy and your metric measurement plans in place – these article marketing tips are what could make your campaign shine, or fizzle.

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