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Online or Internet advertising, as the name implies, is all about advertising products and services over the Internet. More and more people are opting for online advertising because of the many advantages of this type of marketing over traditional advertising methods such as classified ads in newspapers, radio, TV, direct mail marketing, telephone marketing and the use of banners among others.

The greatest advantage of online advertising over traditional advertising is the fact that you will reach a global audience. This is because the Internet does not have national or geographical borders. The global reach, following the laws of probability, means you will get a greater return on investment. Yet another advantage of online advertising over traditional advertising is the fact that you get a targeted audience. This simply means that those who visit your landing page are those who are interested in whatever you are selling. With traditional advertising such as classified ads, you will be targeting a general audience and this means your message may not reach the intended audience. With online marketing, you can tailor your message such that it matches the specific needs of your recipients and you can even include the personal details of the intended recipients such as their names. This greatly enhances customer loyalty.

Yet another advantage of online advertising over traditional advertising is the fact that it is cheaper. Some online advertising methods such as article marketing are even free of charge. With campaigns such as email marketing, you can do all the marketing yourself and the fact that you do not need to hire anyone means you get to save money. The low cost is also from the fact that you save money on by not carrying out advertising.

With online advertising, your ads are able to reach the intended audience in a timely manner since they see the ads immediately you post them. This means that the ads will be more effective. With traditional advertising methods such as direct mail marketing, ads could take days to reach the targeted audience. Yet another advantage of this type of advertising is the fact that you will get customer responses immediately. This is important because you will then be able to improve on your product or service. With online advertising, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and you will then be able to make improvements.

Internet advertising offers greater convenience compared to traditional advertising since you can advertise wherever you are and whenever you want. Online advertising is also advantageous because there are several options available from pay-per-click to email marketing and from press releases to social media marketing. This means there will be something for you whatever your specific circumstances and requirements are.

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