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Banner Marketing & Banner Promotion, Website Promotion image

Banner Advertising & Website Promotion...
Boost Your Targeted Traffic & Build Your Brand Today!

  • Delivers VOLUMES of Traffic - Buy Banner Impressions and/or Click-thru's
  • Geo-Target Your Preferred Advertising Regions & Acquire the Customers You Need
  • Large, Established, High-Quality, Fast Growing Network
  • Four Different Size Banners & Text Accepted
  • Upload Your Banners or Let Us Create Eye-Catching Banners for You
  • Display Your Banners & Ads All Over the Internet

You will have full access to our banner ad network and it's targeting options along with complete stats for all your banner ad campaigns!

All Banner Impressions & Click-thru's Delivered through our Large, Well Established High Quality Network. Generate Targeted Website Traffic Direct to Your Online Business! Get MORE Customers NOW!

Banner Advertising & Website Marketing!
Plus... Banner Creation & Banner Design Too!

    How Does Your Banner Advertising Service Work?

Your graphic & banner ads are displayed on tens of thousands of web sites all over the internet on your behalf.
Every time your banner ads are shown on our network to real & targeted people - that counts as an ad impression. When people click on your ad and go to your web site that counts as a click-thru. On our network, for a very low cost you can purchase ad impressions AND/OR click-thru's.

One thing to know about banner advertising (sometimes referred to as display advertising) is that the more times that your ads are displayed to a greater number of people .... the more familiar that your company and business will become to prospective customers. This is called building brand awareness. All the best and most successful businesses know  that "on average" you generally need to make as many as 4 - 7 impressions on a person's mind before their awareness will begin to warm up to the idea of making a purchase or trying a product or service.

Banner advertising is one great way to drive targeted traffic direct to your web site & at the same time build the brand awareness for your business & products to the internet public. Our banner advertising network is an established, proven successful, high-quality network of tens of thousands of web sites with hundreds of thousands of web pages. Our network is currently delivering banner impressions and click-thru's at a rate of well OVER 400 million banner ad impressions and hundreds of thousands of valuable click-thru's from targeted interested people who are ready to make a purchase.  


    What Size Graphics & Banner Ads Can I Use for the Best Results?

You can use FOUR different banner ad sizes on our network.
Most banner advertising networks allow only one size banner graphic: 468x60.... How Boring! With our banner network we allow FOUR different (4) graphic banner ad sizes that we can accept & highly encourage you to use. These are: 468x60, 300x250, 728x90 and 120x600. Each of these size banners have proven to be extremely effective at delivering tons of targeted traffic and have demonstrated their ability to generate quality website exposure from within our banner network every hour. We highly recommend that you use ALL  four (4) of these banner ad sizes to reach the widest number of people for your targeted audiences. Some banner ad sizes can produce higher volumes of traffic and get better click-thru rates than others, but each of the banner ad sizes get solid results to deliver targeted traffic direct to your web site. The credits needed for each size banner impression is as follows: 468x60 (1 credit); 120x600 (2 credits); 300x250 (4 credits); 728x90 (2 credits). Additionally, other banners sizes will also soon be enabled to be used on the network as well!

Our system will also let you input "text ads" - that will be inserted into our various size banners automatically!
Most banner interfaces could not come close to allowing you to do that, but ours will! No kidding, in about two minutes you can have your two line text ads automatically merged inside banners and in moments you can be targeting your ads out to our huge banner network. Our banner network and interface makes it easy for you to market your business! Of course, we have another option for you too, if you don't have banners... 

Good News! ...
Eye-Popping Banner Ads Can Be Created For You
Usually Within 48 Hours!

    What If I Don't Have Banners? Can You Create Banners Ads for Me?

Did you think we would let you down? No, Not OUR customers! We have some of the best skilled people, designing some of the most eye-catching graphics you can ever imagine.
As a leading internet marketing company we recognize that not everyone has a batch of banners to upload into our banner network. That is why we make this process easy for you and your company to quickly take advantage of our banner advertising network to promote your web site business.

Banner Creation & Design Special!
Only $99.
One Professional Graphical Design - Four Size Banners!

See examples of display banners created recently. 

Our graphic designers have years of experience in graphic design and have a keen sense for what works in online marketing. With a simple check box on our order form & just a few keywords or phrases that you provide to us that highlight your company and business (along with your website URL) our professional graphic designers will go to work and create powerful "attention getting" graphic banner ads that will exceed your highest expectations AND most importantly get CLICKED ON!  We will create a professional graphic design and produce a matching set of all four size banners that can be uploaded and used on our network. These banners will all be animated .gifs or .jpg banners (depending on your content) & will be used to point directly to the web site URL that you provide to us. Additionally, your banners can be downloaded and used on any other web site you desire too... they are your exclusive property.

Here are some examples of banners our designers created recently.  See additional banners examples here.

Banner Marketing & Banner Promotion, Website Promotion image     Banner Marketing & Banner Promotion, Website Promotion image    


    Can I Get a VOLUME of Ad Impressions & Click-Thru's to My Site?

Yes, this is where our network excels over other networks. We have a fast growing, high volume traffic network.
Unlike most other banner networks where you can only buy banner impressions (and not click-thru's too) ... you then wait for 3 - 6 months to actually get any volume of ads delivered for your site. With our system, we give you the option of buying banner impressions and/or click-thru's and then you get... fast... Fast... FAST delivery of a Volume of targeted traffic from our network... well within a 30 day period. Our banner advertising network is actually delivering banner impressions at a rate of OVER 400 million banner impressions and hundreds of thousands of click-thru's from real people each and every month.

All clicks are genuine click-thru's from real, interested people that see your banners and click on them at they time they are interested. No one is ever paid to visit sites or click on any ads within our network! We have many fraud-detection elements in place to keep everything honest and above board. This is real traffic on a very wide network of web sites reaching a very wide audience, you will still receive a ton of visibility and real targeted traffic to your website.

You will have complete access to a whole array of stats including: hourly impressions and clicks, as well as daily, monthly & total banner ad impressions & click-thru's. Spot individual banner ad click-thru ratios, pause, edit, restart ad campaigns as you see fit. You will easily know which of your ads are getting the best clickthru's and you will have the ability to re-target or simply create as many new ad campaigns that you desire.


    Why Do I NEED This Service?

This is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE banner networks & website promotion solutions ever created for the internet. Our LOW prices make it easy for you to get started!
Banner advertising has been around since the very beginning days of the commercialized internet. Our network has been around for years and has proven very successful over and over again. We have enhanced this network and are now opening it up to the public. Our low prices make it very easy for you to get started with the marketing & advertising benefits of display advertising throughout our banner network today.

Every web site owner needs to have banner advertising as a part of their website promotion strategy. It is a fact that all of the web's most successful web businesses use banner advertising and display advertising in conjunction with other forms of internet marketing & advertising to build targeted traffic and build brand awareness for their website business. Banner advertising is like adding hundreds or perhaps thousands of new doors that lead direct to your web site! Banner advertising and the effects of banner marketing & promotion will reach different groups, areas and pockets of people on the internet that you just cannot reach any other way. Having your "attention getting" banner display ad on other web sites that are already getting traffic and have complimentary or similar subjects to your web business is a smart way to get your web business known and to drive targeted traffic direct to your site.

Our banner advertising service is very scalable! - It is a marketing & advertising traffic solution that can grow as your business grows. Buy as much or as little as you need.... but USE it to grow your business because it WORKS! With our low prices, banner advertising is simple, affordable and needs to be part of your marketing arsenal today. 

Remember that repetition is the key to growing your business and generating more sales. At Majon International we are widely recognized as experts in the internet marketing industry. As professionals in website promotion we cannot stress enough, the importance of multiple lines of promotion for your web site. Banner advertising from our high volume, high quality, volume website network gives you a strong boost ahead of the competition to grow your online business & sales! Combine this service with other forms of web promotion methods to get your business growing even faster & more dramatically!

    We Are One of the TOP Marketing & Advertising Companies!

At Majon International we are considered one of the most popular marketing and advertising companies on the internet. We rank at the top of Google for many important keywords and keyword phrases. As professionals and leaders in the industry we know all about web promotion & web site exposure! Working with so many thousands of web site businesses over the years has enabled us to develop powerful marketing services that work to build true sales for all types of web sites & get solid results for our customers at a low cost. Here is your chance to stand on our shoulders of success and take advantage of our expert and professional knowledge to get web site exposure and promotion for your business. Use our banner network to get your web site business growing to new heights of sales and profits! Don't delay... this is an excellent banner ad network... the only thing you need to do is to sign-up now!

We Promise You One Thing... You Will Get More Targeted Traffic!
Use Our Banner Advertising Network to Help Your Business...
  Build Brand Awareness & Grow Your Online Sales!

Take Advantage of this Limited Time Offer!
100% SECURE Online Ordering!

Client Testimonial

"Since I first started marketing on the internet for my business, I have always kept a few hundred thousand banner impressions circulating on the internet for my web site. I think it is one of the best, low cost and easiest forms of advertising that works. Since I found the Majon Banner Network, I am ecstatic... you guys really deliver the targeted traffic like no other banner network that I have ever used!"  ... (Read other testimonials)

James Sterling
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Client Testimonial

"Banner advertising is one type of marketing and advertising that I think a lot of people overlook and drastically underestimate. I am glad I don't... your banner advertising network now accounts for almost a third or our total online sales. Thank you so much Majon!" ... (Read other testimonials)

Ryan J. Hubenthal

Banner & Display Advertising is Website Promotion That WORKS!
TARGETED Web Site Exposure Will Build Your Customer Base & Increase BRAND AWARENESS!

Regular prices start as low as $175.00 a month!
Act NOW for our LIMITED TIME Offer!

400,000 Banner Impressions

Only $95.00 Per Month!!!

There is NO contracted time period and you may cancel at any time

Banner Advertising Impressions

Accepting 4 size banners: 468x60, 300x250, 728x90 & 120x600


*Worldwide Targeting

US/Canada Targeting

*Worldwide Targeting excludes US/CA/UK/AU but allows you to choose which countries you wish to target for your ad campaigns
Click to see sample information required when ordering (Step 5 of ordering process)


Banner Advertising - Guaranteed Click Thru's

Accepting 4 size banners: 468x60, 300x250, 728x90 & 120x600


*Worldwide Targeting

US/Canada Targeting

*Worldwide Targeting excludes US/CA/UK/AU but allows you to choose which countries you wish to target for your ad campaigns
Click to see sample information required when ordering (Step 5 of ordering process)


Artistic Graphic Banner Creation Service

100% SECURE Online Ordering!
You will have full access to our banner ad network and it's targeting options along with complete stats for all your banner ad campaigns!

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