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Just for Children: Interactive Judo DVDs Make Learning Exciting and Fun

Many people mistakenly think that all martial arts involve fighting and injury. Nothing could be further from the truth. Judo is a martial arts practice from Japan that uses gentle movements for physical control and mental development. Most cities and large towns offer Judo classes, and you can also supplement lessons with a Judo DVD. Because Judo requires skill and not just strength, many different types of people can learn and practice it, including children, seniors, adults, and people with disabilities. In fact, a study by the Israeli Ministry of Health concluded that judo is a good educational, recreational, and therapeutic tool for children with multiple handicaps. The structured learning techniques are particularly helpful for children with learning and attention disorders. The British Judo Association considers Judo the perfect sport for inner city youth because it gives them an acceptable physical outlet for their frustrations and aggressions.

As a sport Judo has many advantages, especially for children. It's a fact that not all children enjoy the team sports commonly taught in school. Judo provides an excellent alternative for physical activity and education, giving kids an opportunity to succeed. Judo is also much safer than children's sports like football and soccer.

Judo is also a great sport for kids because it teaches many lessons and is fun and exciting. Judo promotes concentration, leadership, respect for others, and self-confidence, encouraging participants to pay attention to what is going on in the moment. The sport also improves flexibility, balance, coordination, and reflexes. By focusing on physical, mental, and ethical behavior, Judo helps people improve their lives and become better members of society.

A fully interactive Judo DVD is one of several instructional audio visual aids for children's sports available on the Internet. State-of-the-art computer technology including a 12-camera live motion capture system enables the developers to capture realistic 3-D movement for the animated characters. While the technology is complex, it's simple to use the DVDs; interactive on-screen menus guide children through the lessons step by step. All you need is a standard DVD player with a remote control.

Designed for children and teens from five years old, Judo DVDs are entertaining; they are an excellent complement to personal instruction with a professional Judo instructor. Lessons focus on helping children advance to the next belt grade. For example, the first lesson goes from beginner to yellow belt. They give the basic rules, instructions on how to tie your belt, terminology, and even bloopers. Lovable 3-D characters demonstrate each technique while you or your child controls the camera angles so you can see the moves from different perspectives. Each lesson also contains live video clips of real children performing the Judo techniques in class.

DVDs for kids Judo are a timely addition to the world of interactive sports DVDs. Designed specifically for children, they are simple, fun, affirming, and encouraging. Interactive Judo DVDs for children break down complex Judo moves in a way that is both technically correct and easy for kids to follow. They keep kids motivated and involved between their coaching and practice sessions, and help them progress in this worthwhile sport.

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