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Six Tips for Finding Vacation Rentals You’ll Love

Vacation rentals are fast-becoming the most popular lodging choice for groups and families who are looking for a personalized experience when they go on holiday. Their popularity has made vacation rentals more available than ever as people put their condominiums, cottages, beach houses and vacation homes on the market for vacationers and short stay rentals. It doesn't matter if you're looking for New York vacation rentals, Chicago vacation rentals, Miami vacation rentals, Los Angeles vacation rentals, San Francisco vacation rentals, Paris vacation rentals or vacation rentals in any other part of the country or world, a short stay rental is likely to be the best lodging decision you'll make about your vacation this year.

Of course, with the plethora of rentals coming onto the market for holiday rentals, there are bound to be some that don't live up to expectations. These six tips can help you find and rent the perfect vacation home away from home.

Look Off the Main Drag

In every city, there are prime areas for tourists - those closest to the busiest beaches or on the Strip. Those vacation rentals tend to fill up fast and cost the most money, but the additional cost isn't always an indicator of quality. In fact, those that are closest to the hub don't have to be of the highest quality because they offer convenience. Cast your sights a little outside the prime tourism areas to find cottages and condos that offer luxury, comfort and lower prices, especially if you'll be traveling by car or renting a car for your stay.

Check the Reviews

Before you start looking or make a final decision, check reviews for the rental on tourism and travel sites. Many of the vacation rental units available have been rented hundreds of times over the years, and a lot of folks will happily leave feedback about what they loved and hated about each one.

Look for Pictures

When you're renting a vacation condo or cottage online, look for sites that let owners upload photos of their property and look them over carefully. While photos don't always tell the whole story, they will give you a good feel for what to expect from any given rental unit.

Talk to the Owners

Many vacation rentals are rented out directly to tenants by the owners rather than through a service. Make it a point to talk to the owners of the condos, cottages or beach houses you're considering, either via email or over the telephone. You can get any questions answered and get a feel for the kind of circumstances and service you'll get if you rent their unit. Friendly, helpful owners can make your vacation more comfortable with the little touches they make sure to leave for you - maps, extra blankets, the book shelf of games for rainy days and other amenities that add up to a wonderful vacation experience.

Get References

Finally, before you put down a deposit on any of the vacation rentals you're considering, ask for references and call them. You'll get the lowdown on the property you're considering from someone who doesn't have a vested interest in making it sound awesome. If it still sounds perfect after you talk to someone who's stayed there, it probably is.

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