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The Skinny on Vacation Rentals

You can lop a big chunk of change off the cost of your holiday when you make one simple choice: stay in vacation rentals rather than in hotels. Cost is only one of the many benefits of vacation rentals, but it is a powerful motivator to search out vacation rental homes when you travel. Here are just a few of the many benefits to renting a private home on your holiday instead of paying for a hotel room.

Save Big Money

The cost of a vacation rental is about the equivalent of booking a two- or three-star hotel room in most major cities - and can be considerably less in less-traveled vacation spots. The savings don't stop there, though. If you're traveling in a group, for example, you can cut your lodging costs to a fraction by splitting the cost of a vacation rental home instead of paying for separate hotel rooms. Just look for prices on "vacation rentals New York" and compare the cost of renting a 3-bedroom Central Park condo against the cost of renting three uptown hotel rooms.

Of course, you don't have to travel in a group to get a good deal. When it comes to vacation rentals, Miami travelers can often rent a studio condo - with full kitchen and everything you need to use it - for considerably less than you'd pay to stay in even a second-rate hotel. And that kitchen will also give you another option for saving money - grocery stores are a whole lot cheaper than room service.

Comfort and Privacy

When you stay in vacation rentals, you get far more privacy than any hotel room can provide. No one will care if you wander out to the dining room in your pajamas and you won't end up listening to some vacationing couple arguing in the hallway outside your door. You and your family will have an entire house or condo in which you can spread out and make yourself at home.

Better Locations

In many popular tourist cities, hotels cluster in one area of the city. Vacation rentals, on the other hand, may be in areas that most tourists never see. If you're looking for unusual vacation rentals, San Francisco tourists, for example, can a townhouse on Portrero Hill with a stunning roof view overlooking the city.

Home Amenities

Hotel rooms are notorious for being impersonal, but that's seldom a problem when you choose to rent a vacation home. In most cases, these vacation rentals are owned by individuals who go out of their way to make you feel like a welcome guest in their homes. Nearly all include all the amenities you'd have at home, including cable or satellite television, high-speed Internet, telephone service and something you won't find in even the best hotels - a shelf of games and books to entertain you during your down times.

In addition, some vacation rentals may include the use of equipment, such as boats, bicycles and backyard barbecue grills, that can add a lot of fun to your holidays. Whether you're traveling in the United States or overseas, vacation rentals are an excellent way to save money while enjoying all the benefits of more space, more privacy and more fun.

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