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Five Great Reasons to Choose Vacations Rentals Over a Hotel Room

Back in the day when families headed off on vacation, they often stayed in lovely little vacation rentals on the beach or in the city of their choice. Hotels and motels were rarer, and much less comfortable for families traveling together. Somewhere along the way, the concept of "family inns" took hold as large chain motels positioned themselves as family-friendly options for travelers with kids. They promised special features like "free breakfast" - which was often little more than an instant coffee packet and a dry donut or Danish - and "kids stay free in your room" - which meant that mom and dad gave up any privacy, and most of the floor space in the room to a couple of folding cots. Space and lousy breakfasts are seldom an issue when you opt for the charm of a vacation rental cottage instead of an overpriced hotel room for your next vacation or holidays. Here are five great reasons to turn to vacation rentals rather than booking a hotel room.


When it comes to vacation rentals, New York has a lot to offer - and at considerably lower prices than staying in a hotel. If you're planning on a stay in the city, you can rent a condo or short-stay apartment vacation rental and realize close to 1/3rd off your lodging expense. The average per night rate at a New York City hotel is about $350 - plus taxes and all the other fees hotels add onto your bill. The average nightly rate for an NYC vacation rental is just $219 - and in most cases, you won't be paying any additional fees on top of the rental.


The numbers make it pretty clear which option gives you some real room to stretch out: the average hotel room gives you about 325 square feet of space. When it comes to vacation rentals, you get nearly three times the room: 1,850 square feet of space. It's not the numbers that are important, though. It's what they mean - you'll get priceless amenities, like being able to put your quarreling pre-teens in separate rooms for a few hours to give you all a little space. That's something you'll only get in a vacation rental cottage or condo.

Privacy and Quiet

Seriously, who wants to listen to the conventioneer next door fumbling with his room key at 2:30 in the morning after the bars close? When you're in a vacation rental, you don't have to deal with loud neighbors through paper-thin walls. You've got the whole place to yourself.

Dine on Your Own Schedule

Most vacation rentals come with a full kitchen so you can cook and eat when you want to instead of when the dining room buffet is open. You'll save money, too - it's a lot cheaper to buy meals at the grocery store than to order your midnight snack from room service.

Bring Fido Along

Many vacation rentals, Los Angeles to Maine and back, are happy to make room for your pup. While you might be lucky enough to find a few dog-friendly hotels, that friendliness only extends to dogs below a certain weight.

Don't book a hotel room for your next trip to Miami, San Francisco or Chicago.
Vacation Rentals are the way to go.

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