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Five Things to See with Hakuna Matata Tours

Volcanic lakes, visits with gorillas and Congo River cruises are among the highlights of many East African tours. Companies such as Hakuna Matata Tours offer a wide variety of wildlife and nature tours that include sights and experiences you'll carry with you for the rest of your life. The tour company offers tours in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Burundi and more. If you're planning to book a tour of East Africa with Hakuna Matata Tours or another African tour company, make sure you put these five experiences on your list of things to do and see.

Nyiragongo Volcano Hike

Located just outside the city of Goma, DR Congo, Nyiragongo is one of eight active volcanoes in the region. It is set apart from the rest by the formation of an active lava lake, which can be viewed from the rim. Hakuna Matata Tours arranges Nyiragongo volcano hikes that include trips of varying lengths up the side of the volcano, camping on the rim of the Nyiragongo volcano and views of the lava lake. It's one of the most striking and memorable views you'll ever see.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Parc National Nyungwe Forest

Rwanda's Parc National Nyungwe Forest offers some of the most incredible views and opportunities to view an incredible variety of African wildlife. As one of the largest protected montane forests in Africa, the Nyungwe Forest is home to more than 50 species of mammals, 270 species of tree and 275 species of birds. The highlights include well-established groups of chimpanzees and black-and-white Angola colobus monkeys. Hakuna Matata Tours arranged chimpanzee tracking expeditions in the forest of Rwanda for small and large groups.

Chutes de la Kagera (The Kagera Falls)

Victoria Falls may be better known, but many who visit Africa will tell you that the Kagera Falls offer even more spectacular views. Located in Burundi, Chutes de le Kagera is not just a single waterfall. Rather, it's a series of falls that split and come back together to create a spectacle of nature found in few other places.

Cruise the Congo

Take a cruise along the Congo River in a motorized wooden boat and you'll find yourself in a different world, one that seems to operate on a different timeline and at a different pace. When you book a river cruise with a company like Hakuna Matata Tours, you'll put in at numerous small cities and ports along the river and often spend your evenings on shore. During the day, you'll motor along the river and enjoy the sights, including the beautiful - but deeply disruptive and destructive - blanket of water hyacinths in the region of Bumba.

Source of the Nile

No visit to this region of Africa is complete without a visit to Jinja, where the Nile River originates. While the original falls that once thundered down into the river basin were blown up to ensure a steady flow of water, there is still a plaque commemorating the discovery of the source. The site is now officially sponsored by Bell Breweries, makers of Nile Beer, and you can book an afternoon of white river rafting or body surfing through a number of tour directors, including Hakuna Matata Tours.

A visit to East Africa offers so many sites and memories to take home with you. Working with a professional tour organizer like Hakuna Matata Tours will make your entire trip run more smoothly and ensure that you don't miss anything.

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