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Making the Most of Everglades Private Airboat Tours

No visit to southern Florida is complete without spending an hour on one of the area's many Everglades private airboat tours. The Florida Everglades is its own unique microenvironment, with animals and plants you'll find nowhere else. The confluence of ocean water, fresh water and subtropical temperatures combine to create a set of conditions that exist in only a few other places in the world. Both plant and animal life have adapted to the sultry temperatures and brackish water with bright colors, unusual shapes and a range of adaptive behaviors that make them endlessly fascinating. The very best way to view the amazing variety of flora and fauna that make up this unique ecosystem is through Everglades rides provided by Everglades private airboat tour operators.

Why Private Airboat Tours?

There are many airboat operators who provide tours out of Everglades City and other Florida towns, and that's part of the problem. When you book a tour with many of the Naples airboat tours, Marco airboat tours or Everglades City airboat tours companies, you'll be sharing the Everglades with many other tour boats full of tourists. There's so much commotion that you often won't get to see any of the wildlife and scenery you were hoping to visit.

Everglades private airboat tours are a different story. Public airboat tours - those that take you through Everglades National Park, for example - are restricted to a very small area of the Glades. Private airboat tours, on the other hand, run on private land, generally owned by the owner of the tour boat company. Instead of being restricted to a few narrow lanes, when you take one of these Everglades rides, you'll be able to travel into the thick of the Glades where you're far more likely to see the spectacular and exotic sights you came to see instead of other disappointed tourists.

Tips to Make Everglades Rides More Enjoyable

In addition to booking your Everglades rides with a private airboat company, there are a few other things you can do to make sure you and your family enjoy the tour to its fullest.

* Bring a windbreaker or lightweight, water-resistant jacket. While the ambient temperature might be in the 90s,it will feel a whole lot chillier when you're skimming along the surface of the Glades. A lightweight windbreaker will keep the chill to a minimum as well as protecting you from the spray.
* Wear sunscreen. In addition to the sun overhead, you'll also be dealing with reflected sun from the water. An hour on Glades can leave you with a painful sunburn.
* ...and sunglasses. For the same reason you'll want to wear sunscreen, you'll also want to wear sunglasses. The reflected glare can make it difficult to appreciate the view - and may leave you with a glare headache after the ride.
* Consider earplugs. Airboat motors are loud. You'll be happy you've got earplugs while you're coasting. You can always take them out to hear the tour boat operator's commentary.
* Bring a change of clothing. Accidents happen. If you somehow end up soggy and uncomfortable, you'll be happy to have a change of clothing for your ride home.

Often, when you book Everglades private airboat tours, the operator will offer advice based about what to bring and what to wear. That advice should always supersede any other. After all, they're out on the Glades every day. No one else knows better what you should bring for your Everglades rides.

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