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Everglades Rides Are Great Family Fun

Visiting Florida with the family and looking for interesting and unusual experiences? Why not book a private Everglades tour with one of the services that offer Everglades rides via airboat? Everglades private airboat tours are both educational and adventurous. A trip through one of the rarest ecosystems on Earth is an experience that your family will always remember. Here are just a few of the many things you'll encounter on your ride through the Florida Everglades.

The Ecosystem

The Everglades is a unique ecosystem, but it does share some characteristics with a couple of other locations that are considered exotic: the Amazon River Basin and Nile River Basin, as well as the Mississippi River Delta. The biggest common characteristic is the meeting of freshwater rainfall near a saltwater body. The combination creates the brackish water conditions that have shaped the flora and fauna that populate the Glades. You'll meet them all when you book a private tour of the Everglades with one of the operators of Marco airboat tours or Everglades airboat rides.

The Flora

The Everglades is the only true tropical forest in the Northern Hemisphere. If you watch CSI: Miami or The Glades, among the many shows set in the Everglades, you've certainly seen the most evident flora - saw grass. You'll see lots of saw grass on Everglades rides - about 8 million acres of it - but you'll also see lots of other plant life that's far more impressive - mangroves, for example, with their giant nets of tangled aerial roots, and ghost orchids, delicate pale purple and blue orchids that hide among the saw palmettos, pines and Southern live oak. The best Everglades private airboat operators know the Glades like they know the path to their own kitchens. Let them know what you want to see on your airboat ride, and they'll try their best to get you close enough to see it.

The Fauna

If the flora you'll see on Everglades rides is beautiful and odd, the animal life of the Glades is downright spectacular. The marshy plains are home to hundreds of bird, marine, insect and mammal species you won't find anywhere else in the world. Some are common - like the alligators that you'll find up and down the Florida coast. Others, like the Florida panther and Florida black bear, are extremely rare. Both mammal species are on the critically endangered list. It's unlikely that you'll see either animal on your airboat ride through the Glades, but you may be lucky enough to see a great egret, a roseate spoonbill or even a bald eagle.

The Ride

Of course, there's a lot more to Everglades airboat tours than the science and nature. It's exciting and adventurous to skim above the surface of the swamp at high speeds, to feel the wind blowing back your hair and the salt spray in your face.

You can usually book Everglades City airboat tours and other Everglades rides online through the websites of private airboat tours operators. If you're looking for a truly memorable experience for your family, airboat tours are not to be missed.

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