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Tips for Taking Photos on Everglades Rides

The Florida Everglades are a must-shoot destination for any wildlife photographer. The variety of wildlife, both flora and fauna, is spectacular, and so are the pictures you can capture on Everglades rides and hikes through the Florida "jungle." If you're looking for an easy way to get up close and personal for some stunning eye-to-lens photos of alligators, egrets, osprey, manatee, frogs and bald eagles, Everglades private airboat tours get you into areas you can't see any other way. Of course, it's important to find the right Everglades airboat tours operator - some Everglades City airboat tours don't allow photographs from the boat, for example - but if you do, you'll be rewarded with some of the most stunning photographs you've ever hoped to take. These tips can help you make the most of photographic opportunities on Everglade airboat rides.

Ask Before You Book

Before you book a tour with a Marco airboat tours or Naples airboat tours company, check with the tour operator to make sure that photography is allowed from the boat. While you're at it, find out if the tour includes any scheduled stops along the way where you can get closer shots.

Bring a High Speed Lens

Bring your fastest lens so you can capture action shots from a moving boat - but don't let that cramp your creativity. Take rapid-fire shots for the best chance of capturing that perfect photo.

Enlist Your Everglades Airboat Tours Pilot

Who knows better where you'll find photographic gold than the guy who is out in the Glades day after day after day? In addition to that, if your Everglades private airboat pilot knows that you're looking for photos, he's likely to keep his eyes peeled for great shots as well, and may be able to move in closer for special shots or slow the boat for you to take a panoramic view.

Bring a Wide Angle Lens

You can be almost assured of a dramatic thunderstorm in the late afternoon at certain times of year, and a wide-angle lens is perfect for capturing towering clouds and brooding landscapes. Try some shots with foreground close-ups and trees - yes, there are trees in the Everglades - stark against the sky.

Think Waterproof

One thing you're sure to encounter on Everglades rides is water - lots and lots of water. It will spray over you and splash on you and be a mist in the air. You get the picture. A waterproof camera is helpful. If you don't own one, take precautions to protect your gear from salt spray on the trip.

Take Video

If your camera is capable, intersperse your photographs with short video clips - birds rising in flight, alligators sliding from the bank to the water, lighting in the distance. Play with effects and camera positioning to get unusual shots from the front and side of the moving airboat.

Pack Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

Don't miss a perfect shot because you ran out of space on your memory card. Bring along a spare so you'll have plenty of room for photos and short video clips.

Finally, make sure you dress properly for Everglades rides. It's likely to be colder than you think it will be, and it will certainly be wetter - and don't forget to accessorize with sunscreen and bug spray.

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