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Tips for Finding Fully Furnished Corporate Rentals in Washington DC

It isn't difficult to find fully furnished apartment/corporate rentals in Washington DC. Finding the best furnishing apartments in Washington DC, on the other hand, can be tricky. The fact is that the demand in the city is high for furnishing apartments. Washington DC frequently hosts lobbyists, corporate visitors, congressional staff and interns and foreign diplomats whose visits stretch from a few days to a few months - and they all need housing. For many of these business people and travelers, hotel rooms don't provide the same amenities as having a pied-a-terre that feels like home. The end result of the high demand for fully furnished apartment/corporate rentals in Washington DC is that many building owners offer one or more of their apartments up as a short term furnished rental. Washington DC may have more of these so-called corporate rental apartments as nearly any other city in the country.

Simply calling an apartment a short-term corporate rental doesn't make it one, though - and it certainly doesn't make it one of the best. If you need a Washington DC corporate rental apartment or a fully furnished apartment in Washington DC, take the time to do a little research to find the apartment that will be most comfortable for yourself or your corporate guests. Consider these important factors when making your decision about Washington DC corporate rentals.


Location is a prime consideration with any real estate, but it can be vitally important in Washington DC, where neighborhoods can go from opulent to seedy in the course of one or two blocks. The first thing you should determine when booking a fully furnished apartment/corporate rental in Washington DC is the desirability of the neighborhood in which it is located. Among the most desirable neighborhoods are Dupont Circle, Columbia Heights and Woodley Circle, though most of NW DC is desirable for a furnished corporate apartment.


Amenities go hand in hand with location. Choose a furnished Washington DC apartment that is close to the Metro for transportation, and that provides easy access to everyday shopping spots, such as Whole Foods for groceries, banks and fitness salons/health clubs. Also consider building and apartment amenities, such as cable television and Internet connections, accessible wireless networks and possibly even concierge service.


Fully furnished means different things to different people. A true fully furnished corporate apartment will provide everything you need to just move in and start living. You'll find everything from apartments that provide the bare minimum of a living room suite and a bed and dresser in the bedroom to those that provide stylish, comfortable furnishings, coordinating window dressings and accessories to bring it all together - in short, an apartment you'd be proud to show off to guests. Many furnished apartments/corporate rentals in Washington DC also offer a fully furnished kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and cooking utensils. Those little extras can make the difference between a place to stay and a place to live.

Finding the right fully furnished apartments/corporate rentals in Washington DC takes some research time, but it's time well-spent when the end result is a comfortable home base for your business visits to the city.

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