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Shopping Portals Offer the Best Prices on the Web

When you're looking for the best possible prices on the web, where do you go? Web shoppers used to hit the major search engines when they were looking for gifts and products. But these days, they skip the middleman and head directly for shopping portals and shopping comparison sites, where they'll find the best deals and the best selection of products to buy. Why are shopping portal sites becoming so popular?

The Best Deals Regardless of Size

When you search for products on the major search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing, you'll see the same sites in the top search results search after search after search, and they're almost always names you recognize. The top retail stores have the cash to dominate the search results and drive all traffic to their own sites. That doesn't just hurt the little websites like your local toy or hardware store, it also makes it harder for you to find the best prices. Even comparison sites that promise to show you the top results with the best prices let the big players buy their way into the top spots. If Target or Wal-Mart is selling that television cheaper than your local electronics shop, you'll never know it from the results in a standard shopping search. The big guys have deep pockets to make sure that their results end up at the top of the list. That's great for their bottom line, but not so much for your pocketbook.

Shopping portal search sites that cater to smaller websites and shops make it easier for you to find the real deals on everything from kids' T-shirts to high-ticket HD television sets. They use a pay per click model that gives smaller websites and retailers a shot at the top spot in the search results for products that they sell. Because they don't have to compete with the big budgets of national chains, you'll get to see their prices and their products, which could be great for your bottom line.

Why Shopping Portals Get You the Best Bargains

Unlike the major search engine, shopping search sites concentrate on one thing, and that's giving you access to the products you want to buy. You can search by broad product category, such as kitchen goods, or buy specific names and model numbers. Many of them allow you to create your own personalized account so that you can easily bookmark and share the deals you've found while you're researching prices, and come back to them later. Shopping web sites provide you with the tools you need to compare prices and other important features of products so that you can find exactly what you're looking for at the prices you want to pay. Some even let you save your searches and will email you when new products are added to your favorite categories or when a product you want to buy is posted at a lower price.

Finally, shopping portal search engines do the searching for you. When you search through a shopping search site, you'll get all of the results from all of the vendors in one place so you don't have to site-hop to find the best deals. Next time you're in the market to buy something online, check out a shopping search engine first and see how much time and money you can save.

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