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Introducing a New Way of Shopping

If you thought online shopping was fun, wait till you learn about the newest wrinkle in the genre - sponsored shopping through online shopping portals. Sponsored shopping portals are the evolution of "special deals" from organizations like credit card companies. They offer special prices and sometimes special products that are only available to members of the sponsoring organization. Sound intriguing? Here's more information.

Special Shopping Deals for Members

If you belong to AAA or the AARP, you're already familiar with the special travel deals on cruises and vacations you can get just because you're a member. Those organizations have set up special relationships with various merchants to provide discounts and special services to their members, and you reap the benefit of belonging. Now you can get the same kind of deals when you start your online shopping from the websites of many different businesses and organizations.

Just how good are the deals? It depends on what the organization has worked out with the shopping portal company. The rewards of shopping from a portal vary from discounts on your purchases to charity contributions to even more imaginative rewards for members.

Charter Cable, for example, gives members access to the "Charter Shopping Mall," an online portal with more than 700 stores and merchants. Their reward? Dollars off on your monthly cable bill. Depending on the merchant, you can get anywhere from 3% to 10% of your purchase amount deducted from your cable bill.

How's that for getting rewarded for shopping?

Many popular charities and business websites provide access to similar shopping portals. Charity shopping schemes might include donations as well as discounts on the merchandise you purchase. The variety of merchandise and services available through online shopping portals is beyond extensive. You can get super deals on health and beauty aids, products to help you improve your nutrition, vacations, cruises and travel packages, jewelry and more.
When you shop online through one of these shopping portals, you benefit in many ways in addition to discounts and perks. They've been compared to brick and mortar shopping malls, but they offer so much more. Imagine shopping at a mall with more than 700 stores, including your favorite outlets for your favorite name brands and the biggest names in retail shopping - not just under one roof, but accessible without ever leaving your seat.

Even better, most online shopping portals provide an excellent search engine that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you want without sifting through dozens of web pages and websites. Just type in the name or description of the product you want and you'll get a listing - often with photos, descriptions and prices - of all the products that fit your description. Click on the listing with the lowest price or the best deal and you'll be taken directly to that website to make your purchase - and score discounts or rebates on the money you spend.

If you enjoy online shopping and want to save money on everything from travel to baby wipes, check out a website that offers access to one of these online shopping portals. You'll wonder why you ever bothered to shop any other way.

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