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All the Best with Online Shopping

Shopping online gets better every year. As more and more companies get their inventories online, shoppers get more variety, better deals and more transparency. From popular name brands and big box stores to handcrafted merchandise from crafters half a world away, you can buy almost anything online.

Along with the rise in online shopping has come a proliferation of new ways to get great deals on everything from cruises and vacations to your favorite books. You can take care of yourself, your family, your pet, your home and your car with products aimed at your nutrition and wellness, your health, your living room walls and just about anything else in your life. Of course, that amazing variety of products has spawned its own little problem - finding the products you want at the best prices possible.

Enter online shopping portals, the solution to the problem of finding your favorite name brand products at prices you want to pay. Similar to brick and mortar shopping malls, online shopping portals are a collection of stores and websites all gathered under one big roof. Instead of throwing yourself on the mercy of the Google gods when you're looking for the perfect vacation cruise, you can log into your favorite shopping portal and search or browse to your heart's content.

Even better, with many online shopping portals, you can save some money or do some good when you finally do find the health and beauty aids you want. A number of new shopping services have sprung up to partner with your charities, businesses and services you use every day. They provide access to a smorgasbord of products and services from all your favorite merchants - with a twist. When you shop for deals through partner charities and merchants, you'll get a special discount price reserved for members of that organization or your charity will get a donation equal to a percentage of your total purchase. In some cases, these online shopping portals give you a double whammy - you get a discount and your favorite charity gets a donation from the same purchase.

While that's a pretty powerful incentive for doing your shopping through an online shopping portal of this type, it's only one of the benefits you get when you shop online this way. Here are a few others:


Most online shopping portals give you access to dozens of stores so you can comparison shop to your heart's content. If the blouse you want it out of stock at one website, you can easily back up to the online portal page and search for the blouse at another store.


Forget about checking a dozen different websites looking for just the right product. Now you can log onto your cable company or favorite charity's website, head for the online shopping portal and enter something as generic as "pink blouse size 14" and be presented with dozens of choices - all without leaving the website. And each of those choices comes with a reward - a donation to charity, a discount on your bill or cash back on your credit card are typical rewards.

If you've seen these online shopping portals on your favorite websites but been suspicious of them, it's time to drop your suspicion and up your shopping game. Why shop the old-fashioned way when online shopping makes it so easy to find exactly what you want?

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