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Get Great Deals on Your Favorite Consumer Electronics Online

It should come as no surprise to anyone who shops online that the most common category of item purchased online is consumer electronics, including digital cameras, TVs, DVD and CD players and MP3 players. The top sellers in the electronics category outsell nearly every other market niche in online sales. What types of electronics are people buying online?


The single most popular electronics item purchased online is the Kindle in one or more of its incarnations. Since its introduction in 2007, Amazon's Kindle line has led the market in sales for e-readers and been one of the top-selling electronics items of the past five years. The introduction of the Kindle Fire, Amazon's entry into the tablet market, completely reshaped the landscape for the Android-based tablet industry. While it never came close to being an iPad killer, Amazon's Kindle Fire, with its $199 price tag, did fundamentally realign the non-iPad tablet market as a low-priced electronics market. Its online capabilities and ability to use apps brought the Kindle out of the e-reader category and positioned it squarely and securely in the middle of the tablet market.

Of course, many people continue to buy other Kindle incarnations and enjoy reading books and listening to audio books on those that are capable. Priced at $79 to $199, Kindle devices easily take the top spot in popular online electronics sales.


Digital cameras are high on the list of desirable electronics items purchased online. From low-end digital cameras meant mostly as toys to top of the line name brand cameras, online consumers shop for hot deals on digital cameras and video recorders. Among the most popular digital cameras are those by such popular names as Nikon and Canon, including the Canon EOS Rebel. Camera buffs also purchase lenses and accessories online to go with their new cameras.


Digital camcorders have emerged as the hottest new "toy," especially among teens and pre-teens. Camera lines like the Kodak PlaySport, available in a range of colors, feature easy uploading to video sharing services, and encourage young users to record and share their favorite moments.

Beyond Electronics

While electronics are the most popular category of items sold online, they're far from the only popular online purchases. Apparel, especially t-shirts and baby clothes, are high on the list of most-bought items online, as are CDs, DVDs, movies and music - even in this age of digital downloads, there are still people who like to have a hard copy of their favorite films and artists. People also turn to the Internet to purchase home and garden items, including kitchen appliances, such as juicers, coffee makers and espresso machines.

Buying online has become one of America's favorite pastimes. Whether you're searching for electronics, home and garden accessories, toys or apparel, you'll find the best prices and the most convenient terms when you shop for your favorite items online. Why wait in line at the mall when you can shop for your books, CDs, DVDs and consumer electronics from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night?

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