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Hot Ways to Wear Wedges Shoes

When it comes to getting attention, women know that nothing does the trick quite like wedges shoes. With their high profile and their fabulous tilt, wedges heels do fabulous things for your legs not to mention your posture, your walk and your bootylicious profile. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could wear your high wedges everywhere? Well, maybe you can! Read on to get more info on fabulous ways to wear wedges for women.

First, let's debunk a common myth about wedges for women. Regardless of how dangerous they look, they're actually pretty darn safe to wear. In fact, when it comes to sizing up safety between high heels and wedges, you're probably a whole lot better off wearing high wedges than you are wearing stiletto heels. Here's why. When you're wearing a pair of 6-inch sandal wedges or bootie wedges, you may be six inches taller, but you're not wearing 6-inch heels. If the platform part of your wedges shoes is 3 inches tall, the heel actually only tilts you 3 inches onto your toes. That gives your wedges' heel all the power and stature of a 6-inch high heel shoe with half the danger. Just as importantly, when you're wearing wedges shoes, your feet actually have a lot more contact with the ground than they do in a typical pair of stiletto heels.

You're not teetering around on a tiny little spike when you wear wedges shoes you've got almost as much stability as you do in a pair of low-heeled pumps.
Now that we've got the biggest myth about wedges heel out of the way, here are some tips to help you totally rock all the different styles of wedge shoes with your wardrobe.

Defy Gravity in Curve Wedges Shoes

If you're not totally in love with the latest curve in wedges shoes the curve, of course you should turn in your fashionista badge right now. Celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera have sported these gravity-defying kicks on the Red Carpet and out at the club. With their cutaway back profile, these high wedges make it look like there's no heel at all but it's all an optical illusion. That doesn't stop everyone from staring at your spectacular style and marveling at how sexy your legs look.

Go Goth With Bootie Wedges

Boot wedges are fabulous with teeny skirts and shorts, but they can get lost beneath longer skirts and layers of black lace. One of the hottest new looks in wedges for women are bootie wedges barely ankle-topping boots that feature sexy-licious accents like back corset lace details and chain link embellisments. Strap on a pair with your favorite schoolgirl mini and torn tee and pretend you don't notice all the stares aimed your way.

Find Hot Wedges for Sale Online

Skip the shoe stores at the mall if you want real bargains on cheap wedges. Instead, head online to check out the selection at your favorite club wear website. You'll find sandals, wedges and sandal wedges, black wedges and red wedges, boot wedges and barely-there curve wedges. In addition to finding the latest styles in women's wedges, you're also likely to find lots of useful content about who's wearing wedges shoes and how women's wedges shoes look great with nearly everything you own.

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