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Trendy High Heels You Can't Live Without

Even though many women kvetch about high heels, women in high heels turn men's heads. Indeed, the higher the heels, the greater the impression they make. High high heels - or any type of stiletto - elongates the body, draws the eyes upward, and puts a sway in the hips that is oh-so-compelling. But even regular high heels provide a flourishing finish to virtually any outfit, and should be a staple of every woman's wardrobe.

As with clothing, trends in high heels shoes change over time. Here are trendy high heels you can't live without.

Platform High Heels: Platform shoes may seem retro, but in fact it's back to the future with these keepers. The perfect girl's high heels, platforms with cork soles are all the rage.

Suede: The luxurious appearance of suede - whether faux suede or real leather - make these high heels the perfect accessory for a night at the club or for an evening gown.

Two-Tone High Heels: Your grandmother likely wore high heels called Spectators, which featured a two-tone motif. The updated version pairs two bright colors, one for the body of the high heel and the other at the toe and heel.

Linen Fabric: Linen is the perfect warm-weather clothing fabric, delivering natural fibers that allow your skin to breathe. One of the hottest trends is linen fabric high heels, typically in bright colors like hot pink, with an open toe and ankle strap. These are perfect to wear with short shorts or mini-skirts, or to pair with a hot swimsuit to lounge poolside.

Red Heels and Silver Heels: Red heels draw attention, while silver heels convey elegance. Both are being showcased on runways from New York to Milan. Playful candy striped heels are perfect for a casual look, while red closed-toe pumps convey to onlookers that you mean business.

Embellishments: More than ever before, high heels are viewed as a fashion accessory. As such, the trend is to embellish high high heels. You'll find platform pump high heels with fringe cascading down the back, peep toe high heels with metallic studding at the back and down the heel, and rhinestone-adorned high heels that are perfect for the club scene.

Buckles, Bows, and Ties: Going a step further with embellishments, high heel closures are getting a makeover. Forget slip-ons. The hottest trend is to add strappy buckles, ankle ties, and even bows to women's high heels.

Patterns: Solid colors are giving way to patterns. High heels are now sporting floral print fabric in color families that are meant to coordinate with clothing you already own. Although weakening somewhat, faux animal prints continue to be on trend.

Although these trends are hot, you don't have to spend a fortune to be in style. Indeed, cheap high heels can be found online. After all, why spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of high heels for girls when you can pick up a pair of trendy high high heels for less than twenty dollars. Best of all, when you find cheap high heels, you can afford to purchase multiple pairs - one for work, one for play, and one for clubbing.

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