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Vacant Land Sales and Rentals: 3 Quick Turnover Tips

Vacant land sales and rentals thrive even when home sales are at their worst. In today's uncertain market, land might possibly be the only form of real estate that's growing in demand and value across the United States. According to USA Today, a poll commissioned for the National Association of Realtors indicated that 60% of Baby Boomers want to retire in a small town and are hungry for real estate. Vacant land sales and rentals offer Boomers a way to fulfill their dreams - to one day build a home of their dreams on their own property.

With a 20-year demand, it has been projected that there are approximately two billion square feet of commercial and residential land properties. So taking these into consideration, let's explore three ways for a fast turnover for vacant land sales and rentals.

Prepare Your Land Lot

Your piece of land (if already improved) needs to be neat and clean. When potential buyers see the vacant land, they should be able to visualize their home on the property as well as their yard and personal outdoor belongings. Perhaps they want to build a home and add a storage building as well as a play area for the children. Perhaps they plan to add a fenced area for their pet. Maybe the buyer wants to plant a garden some day or build a workshop. With a neat, clean vacant land lot the buyer can plan in their mind how they will arrange these on the property. Clear the lot of any sticks and logs, leaves, old stumps, and debris. If you have an old rusted fence, remove it or replace it. Outline an area where the driveway might be located. You can do this with logs, gravel, or small blocks.

Create Visual Boundaries

Most buyers will not understand how to measure the boundaries of a vacant land lot. They need to see the boundaries. Mark these clearly with large stakes that are spray painted with bright colors or with bright flags attached. If the land is bordered by two roads, be sure the potential buyer knows this ahead of time. Mark any other boundaries so they can clearly see where the property begins and ends.

Offer Easy Buying Plans

If you're able, offer owner financing with easy terms when you sell vacant land. If you're willing to work with buyers, you might actually sell your land for more and enjoy a fast turnover. The key is to make the vacant land lot attractive and offer financing the buyer can't resist. For buyers with less than perfect credit, this can be a lifesaver.

Hint: Run a credit check on the buyer, leaving a little room for imperfections. Beware of those buyers who are behind on utility bills or rent, or who have excessive debt (especially credit card debt).

For vacant land rentals, follow the same procedure and offer attractive rental options that the buyer feels comfortable with. Cater to their individual needs so you both can come out winners. If selling or leasing unimproved property, you might even offer to pay some toward clearing and preparing the land.

Vacant land sales and rentals can also target farmland needs and timber needs. Some land owners "milk" the benefits of their land by selling timber first and then selling the land lot later. Some owners lease their land to farmers. If you're not sure how to find prospects to buy vacant land or to rent your lot, check online for helpful resources. There are some great websites to help with property sales and property rentals no matter where your vacant lot is located. The possibilities are endless, and you can use an online real estate listing service to make the process even easier!

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