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When Compared with Hotel Rentals, Timeshares Offer Many Benefits

With about a half million people buying timeshares each year, it's easy to see that many vacationers are benefiting from timeshare opportunities. It's also interesting that about 98 percent buy a timeshare by visiting the resort first. Timeshare rentals have produced a $12 billion industry. And with vacationers from other countries buying in the U.S. due to the value of the U.S. dollar, this number is expected to grow in years to come.

So, why buy a timeshare? What are the benefits? Timeshare rentals are different than hotel room rentals in that timeshares usually offer more space and amenities than hotels for the money. Timeshares afford the luxuries of being a condo owner with a high-class vacation. Luxuries include spacious rooms, full kitchens, private bedrooms, restaurants, fancy pools and spas, etc. Many timeshare condos can sleep up to 10 people. There are also activities, attraction discounts, and local tours that might be included with timeshare ownership.

A Bill-Free Vacation

Another benefit of timeshare ownership is you can stay without owing a bill each time because you've already bought the timeshare. You can check in and check out without worry of a huge hotel rental fee. There's often a low initial purchase price that more than pays for itself in time as you enjoy vacations year after year. An added bonus is you will not have charges for extra guests if you want to take some other family members along. Also, you can expect no extra charges for certain services or for occupancy taxes.

Timeshare Ownership as an Investment

To buy timeshares means to invest for the future. You can sell timeshares later on if you decide you no longer want it - and even make a profit. If you mainly want to buy a timeshare to enjoy with your family, you might decide to sell it when your kids are grown. Or, you might buy it as an investor with a timeshare resale in mind for the near future.

Other Timeshare Benefits

As a timeshare owner, you can earn extra cash when you're not able to stay during your allotted time with timeshare rentals to others. You can rent the timeshare to family and friends, or you can advertise timeshare rentals in local newspapers to find renters. You can give a timeshare as a gift or leave your timeshare interest to your heirs. Timeshares also make great wedding presents!

Enjoy Timeshare Bonuses

Timeshare owners enjoy a number of bonuses throughout the year, such as "bonus time." Bonus time gives the owner extra weeks through large exchange companies. The weeks require no maintenance fees and offer tremendous bargains for luxurious resorts. Owners also get first choice of unused time at great bargains for shorter stays (two to three days) at their home resort.

Buying a timeshare can save you money on vacations and it provides a wonderful opportunity to live in luxury for a week or two. Don't miss this incredible opportunity. Go online today to find timeshare rentals at amazing prices.

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