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Transportation Options and Office Space in London

One of London's outstanding features is its transportation system. It makes it easy for businesspeople to travel within the city, within the United Kingdom, and throughout the world. The London Underground is the major intra-city system, and an important reason companies choose to locate their offices in London. Also known as the Tube, this rapid transit system serves the greater London area as well as some parts of outlying regions. With 270 stops covering 250 miles of track, the Tube is the one of the longest metropolitan rapid transit systems in the world, second only to the Shanghai Metro. Accidents on the Tube system are very rare; they account for one fatal accident for every 300 million journeys-making the London Underground one of the safest mass transit systems in the world.

The London Underground network does not service six of London's eleven boroughs. These six boroughs (Bexley, Bromley, Croydon, Kingston, Lewisham, and Sutton) would therefore not be appropriate choices for London offices or businesses that require easy access by public transportation for their employees and/or their customers. Rental agencies knowledgeable about the region can advise interested parties on the public transportation options for the various regions of central London and outlying areas-an important consideration for many business looking to rent office space in London.

Although not part of London Underground, the Crossrail scheme will provide a new route across central London by the year 2018. The Crossrail will connect with the tube network but not be part of it. This addition to public transportation will enhance options for renting office space in London by connecting more areas of the city.

With the increasingly global economy many businesses look for offices in London because of the city's ready access to the European continent as well as Asia, North America, and other centers of trade. The Channel Tunnel, called one of the seven wonders of the modern world, forms an underwater conduit between Kent, England and northern France. The rail link dubbed High Speed 1 traverses the 70 miles between Kent and London, traveling at speeds up to 186 miles per hour. Using High Speed 1 and the Channel Tunnel travelers can go from London to Paris in two hours and fifteen minutes and from London to Brussels in less than two hours.

London Heathrow Airport serves 180 destinations in more than 90 countries, a huge advantage for international businesses with office space in London. Businesspeople can access this gateway to the world by private car and by public transportation. Trains, coaches, the Tube, and taxis carry passengers to Heathrow. The Heathrow Express is the fastest way to get from downtown London offices to the airport; it runs every 15 minutes from Paddington Station and takes about 15 minutes to reach the airport. Stansted Airport and Gatwick Airport also provide service to numerous European and international destinations.

Transportation is an important factor when considering where to locate an office. Businesspeople can be confident that when they locate their offices in London they will have all the advantages of modern transportation within the city and around the world.

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