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Los Angeles Moving Company: Top 5 Moving Tips

Whether you're simply settling in to a different L.A. suburb or you're moving to Los Angeles from another state, a successful move takes careful planning. Here are five top moving tips direct from the files of Los Angeles movers to help make moving day more enjoyable.

Plan First, Then Pack

Once you've made up your mind to move, it's tempting to start throwing things into boxes. What you'll soon learn, though, is the time you thought you were saving by packing quickly will be spent on the other end unpacking a mess.

Take a tip from experienced Los Angeles commercial movers. To make your move far less frustrating, gather everyone in the family and create a moving plan. This requires someone being in charge! Decide who'll coordinate the move and agree to go to that person with questions and requests for more supplies.

Use the tips below to plan your move. Purchase enough boxes, packing tape and markers for each person and decide how boxes should be marked. At the very least, note the contents ("Amy's toys) and where they belong in your new house ("Amy's room - upstairs").

Sound like a dictatorship? Ask yourself this: would you rather take charge of your move, or be completely overwhelmed by lost belongings and boxes without labels on moving day?

Don't Move Trash!

This one seems obvious, but you'd be amazed how many families unpack items at their new home that should have been discarded. Be clear with everyone in the family what can and can't be moved. Outgrown clothing and items unused for years should be discarded, given to a thrift store, or sold at a moving sale.

Create an Essentials Box

Los Angeles movers tell us families sometimes scramble at the new location trying to find the bolts that held together bed frames or something as essential as pet food. As you're planning your packing, write "First Box to Be Unloaded" on one box and put in it the things you simply must have as soon as you arrive.

Another important tip: don't pack medications or medical equipment on the moving van. Those should travel with you, in case unforeseen conditions cause the truck to be delayed.

Pack Boxes with Care

If you're doing your own packing, it's important for everyone in the family to follow some simple rules to protect the contents of their boxes. Put heavy items at the bottom, wrap breakables in bubble wrap and don't mix contents from different rooms.

Again, this may seem obvious to families with moving experience, but every Los Angeles moving company has seen its share of broken heirlooms and other items destroyed by a move. Take the time to pack things right to keep moving day trauma to a minimum.

Know Your New Location

Even if you're moving to L.A. from another country, it's possible to learn the local housing ordinances by checking websites or making a phone call. As the new resident, it's your responsibility to know if your new covenant community, for example, has strict guidelines on what can and can't be stored outdoors. If you're moving into a condo or apartment complex, it's especially important to know what they'll allow.

Your professional Los Angeles moving company can point you to the local offices to answer most questions, but don't assume they've done your homework about local ordinances. Before you set up housekeeping in a new area, take the time to know what they expect of residents.

Follow these five common sense tips supplied by experienced L.A. movers and you'll see a lot less drama on moving day. With a plan in place and some careful packing, your move to the Los Angeles area can be an exciting event in your family's history.

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