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Looking for an Investment or Dream Vacation Home? Try Eco-Friendly Latvia Real Estate

Eco-friendly Latvia can provide more than you'd ever expect when it comes to buying a dream vacation home or investment land or property. Latvia brings the wonders of nature together with gorgeous sandy beaches, thriving green forests, and acre after acre of untouched fertile lands. Everything about Latvia promises an eco-friendly place to live and work. Tourists are amazed by the country's beauty; and many retirees and real estate investors long to live there.

Known as the "heart of the Baltics," Latvia is beautifully situated along the Baltic Sea. The country is comprised of about 64.6 thousand square kilometers featuring many lakes and rivers. With well more than 2,000 lakes, the opportunities for luxury real estate development (vacation properties, resorts, condos) along waterfronts are numerous. The Salaca River, which is about 95 kilometers in length, makes up the largest salmon spawning ground in the eastern Baltics. Another salmon-rich river is the Venta River, which is 346 kilometers long with a confluence basin of 17,600 square kilometers.

Latvia environmental funds have been dedicated to the development of environment protection, treatment for water and sewer, protection against radiation, regional development, and energy conservation. These funds come from the local and state budgets as well as from individual and organizational donations. Due to the clean environment of Latvia, many endangered species have found refuge there, including the black stork, the white-backed woodpecker, the lesser spotted eagle, the European wolf, and the European lynx.

There are many other contributing factors that make Latvia real estate appealing. Latvia has no atomic power plants. There are 956 biological plants and 6 chemical treatment plants. There are also 477 mechanical plants. Forests make up about 44 percent of the country's territory; about half of the forests of Latvia grow in mineral soil with a fourth of them being moist forests.

Farming Real Estate in Latvia

Latvia real estate offers many opportunities for farmers. About 39 percent of Latvia's immovable property is agricultural land. The typical farming property features farmsteads, fields, and pastures. The climate in Latvia is ideal for farming as well with mild summers and moderate winters, and a high level of precipitation and humidity. In seeking a house for sale or land for sale, you'll notice the farmlands of Latvia are characterized as rural areas where residents live in harmony with nature. With ancient traditions such as the annual Jani bonfire, year round festivities, and many farm owners offering bed and breakfast services with tourist activities, there's always something to enjoy in Latvia.

Latvia has fertile farmlands, with specialties in pork and bacon, dairy products, and pedigree livestock farming. Organic farming, which began in Latvia in 1989, is growing substantially. By 2004, there were as many as 1,043 organic farms in Latvia thanks to an action plan developed in 2003 to create interest in organic farming. This resulted in the areas of organic farm real estate almost doubling from 2003 to 2004.

With immovable property being so affordable in Latvia today, it's a great time to grab fertile farmland. View houses and land for sale in Latvia online to see what's available. You'll be amazed at the unmatched beauty of Latvia real estate and farmland!

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