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Las Vegas Real Estate: The Benefits in Buying a High Rise Condo

Like elsewhere in the country, Las Vegas real estate prices are at an all time low and there are numerous bank-owned properties on the market. This means that buying a home or condo in Las Vegas has never been easier. And with convenient online realty venues, you can search for beautiful Las Vegas real estate with the click of a mouse. Lately, more and more real estate buyers are opting for high-rise condos over buying a home.

The Las Vegas real estate market as a whole has recently seen an incredible increase in high-rise condominiums, particularly along the strip. Buyers interested in moving into a brand new condo can even secure a pre-construction Las Vegas high-rise condo by contacting a local realtor. This guarantees the buyer a condo once construction has been completed. Perhaps the greatest dilemma buyers face is whether to buy a condo or a home. Let's look at some benefits of buying a condo to see if this option is right for you.

Live in the City

Buying a Las Vegas high-rise condo enables you to live in or near the city and have access to all its conveniences. If you love being within walking distance of restaurants, festivals, theaters, clubs, and even possibly your workplace, a high-rise condo might be perfect for your needs. Living in the city can be exciting and convenient for singles or young married couples just starting out. Condos can also provide a home solution for single-parent families or retired couples seeking a place to call their own who don't want all the typical hassles of home ownership.

No Yard Maintenance

If the thought of landscaping ruins your day, then you'll be glad to know that there are no landscaping duties with condo living. You won't have to cut grass, plant flowers and shrubs, or even water the lawn. Of course, if you enjoy working in the yard, planting and trimming, you'd better think long and hard before giving up this freedom. But if you're an indoors person who abhors yard work, then by all means - look into buying a Las Vegas high rise condo!

Get the Size You Need

Another advantage of buying a condo is you can sometimes find a condo the same size as a home, with several bedrooms to accommodate small families. Some condos offer just as much square footage or more than a home of equivalent value. You can also increase your buying power with some condo purchases, and pay up to 20 to 30 percent less than you would pay for a home of similar size. When speaking with a Las Vegas realtor, be sure to emphasize your need for square footage if this is important to you. The realtor can then refer you to only those condos that fit your needs.

Share the Costs

When buying a condo, you get to share the costs of upkeep for things like roofing, heating and air, foundation, lawn care, plumbing, etc. The costs for these maintenance services are divided amongst owners, and the costs per family go down tremendously due to sharing the costs. This can save you money on your overall monthly expenses, and it frees your time to do other things when you don't have to worry about these aspects of home ownership.

Enjoy the Amenities

Buying a Las Vegas high-rise condo gives you much more than a place a live. Condos come with all sorts of perks to enjoy that you otherwise might not be able to afford. Imagine having a pool, workout gym, sauna, tennis court, and other extras you and your family can enjoy any time you want. And the great thing is - you don't have to pay or work to upkeep these accommodations either!

Of course, buying a condo does have some trade-offs. You will give up your privacy somewhat with no yard to call your own. You may encounter the usual annoyances of living too close to others, and will have no control over who buys a condo next to yours. You'll also give up the freedom to make decisions about your home as far as maintenance, remodeling, landscaping, which providers to choose for certain services, etc.

Consider the pros and cons of owning a condo before making your decision. View several homes and condos when considering Las Vegas real estate so you can compare the benefits and costs of each. Also, find a dependable Las Vegas realtor that will help you compare both homes and condos. You can go online to view available Las Vegas properties and to find a realtor that can help you reach your goals.

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