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The Right Mortgage Lets First Time Home Buyers Have the American Dream

One of the cornerstones of the American dream is owning your own home. Indeed, low interest rates over the past decade have meant that more Americans than ever before have become first time home buyers. Yet, as anyone following the news knows, the subprime lending market of the past has created a number of repercussions, including many homes foreclosing due to the inability of owners to make their house payments.

With foreclosures increasing and the hot housing market cooling, the asking prices for homes are dropping. This is great news for first time home buyers who are seeking to buy a heartland home in places like Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Indeed, mortgages in Burnsville MN - as well as purchase and refinance mortgages in MN - are readily available for first time home buyers MN.

What to Look for in a Lending Company

When it comes to mortgages in MN - whether home mortgages or commercial mortgages in MN - it's important to find the right lending company. For example, a company that is locally owned and operated, as opposed to a national chain, is more likely to have quality lending products and a staff that is experienced in every area of lending. They are better able to find the type of mortgage that is right for you and your family, whether you're seeking to buy a new home or refinance your existing home. In addition, local companies usually pride themselves on their customer service, so your experience with them will be more personalized.

What if Your Credit is Less than Ideal?

Before you go to a lender, you should check your credit rating. Federal law requires that each of the three major credit reporting agencies provide you with a free annual credit report. Reviewing these reports will not only provide you with your credit rating, but will alert you to any misinformation or errors contained in your report.

Bad credit mortgages come with higher interest rates, so it pays to clean up your credit before actually buying a home. A good lending company will offer credit improvement services to help you repair your credit prior to obtaining a loan. This may involve setting up payment plans to existing creditors, challenging bad reports that are on your record in error, and so forth. Having someone to help you navigate through the maze of credit reporting is extremely useful, so find a lender who can help guide you. Keep in mind, though, that even if your credit isn't pristine, you can still obtain a mortgage.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

With the right mortgage, first time home buyers can truly own a piece of the American dream. It's enormously satisfying to pay a mortgage payment instead of rent every month, knowing that you're slowly and surely building equity. That equity lays a foundation for your financial future and that of your children that will truly make you rest easier.

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