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Schutzhund Training and Von der Stadtrand German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd puppies for sale tug at your heartstrings, but be sure that you deal exclusively with a reputable German shepherd breeder to avoid disappointment. German shepherd puppies are highly valued, and it's not unusual for unscrupulous to sell dogs that aren't completely healthy or that have been imported from puppy mills. When you deal with a reputable breeder like Von Der Stadtrand and master trainer Clayton Warichak, you're guaranteed a healthy, strong puppy that embodies all the best traits of German shepherds.

The Traits of German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd dogs are among the best known breeds of dogs throughout the world. Originally bred to be working herd dogs, German shepherds combine fierce, protective loyalty with a strong work ethic and an affectionate temperament that makes them ideal family dogs as well as ideal dogs for police K-9 training. When you add in their beautiful coats, strong, straight lines and intelligent faces and eyes, it's no wonder that purebred, registered German shepherd puppies are among the most sought-after dogs in the world.

Schutzhund Training for German Shepherd Puppies

In the early 1900s, dog breeders developed the German shepherd from herding dogs as an all around working dog. When it became obvious that the dogs were losing the traits that made them so effective as working dogs, a German shepherd breeder club developed Schutzhund to test dogs for those desirable traits. Schutzhund trials are demanding tests of obedience, abilities, endurance and trainability that few dogs can pass. In the early days of Schutzhund, only those German shepherd dogs that successfully completed Schutzhund trials were allowed to breed. In that way, the breeders ensured that the best and most desirable traits of German shepherd dogs were bred into the line.

Today, Schutzhund is a sport in which many dog owners and handlers participate. Schutzhund training and competition is often an activity that involves the entire family, and many other breeds of dog also participate. However, it is most appropriate for German shepherd puppies that have been bred for the traits that Schutzhund tests.

Schutzhund trials consist of three parts - tracking, obedience and protection. A dog must perform well in all three trials to pass. Each test involves multiple parts that test the dog to the limit. The tracking test, for example, requires that the use scent to follow a trail laid down earlier, finding objects that were placed on the track by the person who laid it down. The standards for judging take far more into account than just whether the dog is able to follow the scent - it also tests mental and physical endurance, obedience and trainability. The other tests present similar - and far more difficult - challenges for even a well-trained dog.

Von der Stadtrand German Shepherd Puppies

Von der Stadtrand is a small family German shepherd breeder in Wisconsin. Master trainer Clayton Warichak holds weekly training sessions for new owners of German shepherd puppies, as well as for owners who return regularly for refreshers and to continue training. Von der Stadtrand often has German shepherd puppies for sale. Von der Stadtrand puppies are pure West German shepherds and feature rich red and black coloring and all the traits that make shepherds the most loved dog in the world.

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