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How to Clean Dog Beds to Keep Your Pet Furry and Fresh

Dogs are our constant companions - loving, sweet, and oftentimes messy. The hair that they've shed, their smell and good old doggie drool are also our constant companions when cleaning the house! One of the most consistently 'doggified' parts of any home is, of course, the dog bed. However, these are sometimes oddly shaped, hard to pull apart or difficult to dry, and it can be a nightmare trying to get your dog bed back to a freshly-scented state. Today we give you the easiest ways to clean all types of dog beds.

Cleaning Suspended Dog Beds

These shadecloth-type dog beds on frames are usually the easiest to clean, as they consist of a single layer of material! To clean suspended dog beds:
* Spray the surface liberally with disinfectant spray
* Use a gentle scrubbing brush (like a dish brush) on the surface of the bed
* Turn it over and do the underside
* Wipe the metal frame
* Rinse the dog bed completely and leave to dry!

Cleaning Blankets

If your dog bed consists only of blankets, or you have covered another type of soft bedding with blankets, you should:
* Take the bedding down to a corner of your yard (on a windy day!) and shake out as much pet hair and dust as possible
* Spray the blankets with StaticGuard to loosen excess hair and vacuum up if you wish
* Soak the blankets in a sink of very hot water for 15 minutes before putting them in the washing machine, to kill any insect eggs
* Pop them in the washing machine on the heavy-duty cycle

Cleaning Foam Dog Beds

Your task in cleaning foam dog beds will be made much easier if you either purchase a zippered removable cover for the bed, make a cover yourself, or cover it with blankets and tuck them.

If you've made a cover or used blankets, launder these according to the above. Every so often you'll still need to wash the bed underneath, though, to prevent insect infestations and remove dirt that has sifted through the cover. To wash foam dog beds:
* Spray the bed with StaticGuard to loosen pet hair
* Vacuum it thoroughly
* Put the foam in the bathtub, filled with very hot water and disinfectant
* Pop something heavy on it to hold it down while it soaks for a while
* Once the water has cooled down, work the soapy water through the foam with your fingers
* Rinse the foam under the shower or tap to get the soap out
* Dry both the foam insert and the cover in the sun, so that they don't shrink in the dryer

Cleaning Stuffed Dog Beds

If your dog's bed is stuffed with foam pieces that don't come out of the cover, you can follow the same method as above. The basic guidelines for cleaning all dog beds are Static Guard, the vacuum cleaner, very hot water, disinfectant and air-drying. And your pet and your home will smell much fresher!

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