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Aromatherapy Candles Can Lift Your Mood

It was only a few generations ago that candles were purely utilitarian, serving as a source of light. Today, we view candles as decorative, enhancing the appearance of our table settings, our living room decor, and our bathrooms. All too often, however, we neglect to light our candles, whether because we feel that actually using them will spoil their appearance or simply because it never crosses our minds.

While beautiful globe candles and vase candles can indeed be objets d'art, you're doing yourself a disservice if you simply admire them and never burn them. Candles - whether they're jar candles, tin candles, or taper candles - can help you to get in touch with your innermost feelings, create a soft glow that you can share with those you love, and lift your spirits.

The Power of the Flame

There's something about the process of lighting a candle that puts us in touch with our primal feelings. While fire is a meaningful and powerful aspect of human evolution, we are rarely exposed to the power of the flame. After all, today's fireplaces are either fueled by gas or the fire is contained behind a screen. A candle flame is exposed and powerful, reminiscent of the ages when having fire meant warmth and survival. For some people, lighting candles is almost ritualistic, but almost everyone who burns candles feels at least a twinge of awareness about the power that fire holds.

The Power of the Scent

Beyond the symbolism of the flame, though, candles can exert other powerful influences. Today's aromatherapy candles can help calm us down, re-energize us, and help us achieve inner harmony. That's because aromatherapy candles incorporate what are called essential oils - oils that have been extracted from herbs, flowers, trees, and plants that have healing properties.

Here are some of the essential oils used in aromatherapy candles, and the properties they are thought to have:

Cedar - Used to build many old church doorways, the scent of the wood from the cedar is thought to open the mind and increase longevity.

Orange - Both bright and soothing, the scent of orange is thought to lift the mood.

Cinnamon - The warm spiciness of cinnamon is thought to be revitalizing and refreshing.

Ginger - The sharpness of ginger is thought to be energizing and stimulating.

Lemon - The astringency of the lemon's scent is thought to be stimulating and purifying.

Vanilla - For many people, the scent of vanilla triggers warm childhood memories and conveys calming properties.

Lavender - Lavender is thought to be a powerful healing scent for both the body and the mind.

There are many other essential oils used in aromatherapy candles, each conveying special properties. Best of all, these candles are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, such as pillar candles, tealight candles, travel candles, votive candles, and ball candles. Beautiful colors combine with subtle yet powerful scents that can positively impact your mood and your life.

Given the emotional power of candlelight, when you purchase and display decorative or aromatherapy candles, don't forget to light them!

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