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Karaoke Systems: How to Choose the Best Audio Equipment

Even shy people get off their feet and sing to their hearts' content when karaoke is in full swing. Protected by a microphone and the recorded music, it's easy to become a singing sensation for a few minutes. That's why karaoke's popularity never fades.

As you probably know, karaoke is a form of entertainment in which an ordinary person sings the words to a well-known, popular song while the song plays in the background. The amateur singer replaces the lead singer, whose voice is absent from the recording. A video screen shows the words to the song, so the singer doesn't even have to know the lyrics. The amateur singer may croon like a star, or may sing off-key; it doesn't matter because karaoke is all in good fun.

Karaoke became an almost overnight success when audio and video recording systems became popular and affordable. Karaoke started in the Orient in the 1970s, and quickly spread to other Asian countries. Over time, karaoke became popular lounge entertainment in the United States.

Not to get too technical, but it's good to know the basic components of a karaoke machine. The amplifier is the source of power (measured in Watts) for external speakers. The mixer controls the music and the vocals, enhancing the overall quality of the sound. A mixer amplifier combines both the mixer and the amplifier. Add a karaoke player and you have a karaoke machine. All in all, karaoke machines are not very complicated.

Good karaoke machines can change the pitch of a song so anyone can sing along. Now there are even karaoke video games and VCDs, and you can enjoy karaoke on mobile phones, computers, and the Internet. Karaoke is no longer just for nightclubs; anyone can enjoy it at home with the family, at parties, or on the go.

Talking about karaoke on the go, portable systems have all the components in one convenient unit, ready to travel. Even simple, inexpensive systems can hold hundreds or even thousands of songs. More sophisticated karaoke players have recorders to record performances as well as extra woofers and tweeters. Add a wireless microphone and you are all set to go.

If you are looking for a professional DJ system, you can buy the components individually or you can buy a complete DJ system. As with most electronics, there is quite a range of quality and price. One 1600-Watt professional system, for example, includes a fifteen-inch six-way speaker system, a twelve-channel powered mixer, standards, microphone, and input and speaker cables. You can also purchase a professional system that is portable and weighs about 35 pounds; it contains everything in one neat unit, ready to plug in and play.

Of course you also need the music. You can choose collections of female favorites, all-American hits, R&B, gospel, country, or 60s music. If your crowd has a favorite singer, you can probably get karaoke discs of that performer's songs. Karaoke is all about having fun, so pick the tunes you like best.

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