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Need a Lawyer for Traffic Tickets?

You may not think that traffic tickets warrant engaging the services of a lawyer, but if you're faced with the potential suspension of your driver's license, you might want to think again.
Added Thu May 24 2007

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Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

How do you go about assessing the strengths of a criminal defense attorney? Here are some tips to help you select a lawyer that meets your needs and circumstances.
Added Wed May 23 2007

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Online Legal Forms: A Timesaver

Although attorneys would have you believe that every legal maneuver requires their assistance, the reality is that you often don't need a lawyer - you just need the proper legal forms.
Added Tue Mar 20 2007

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Find the Right Lawyer

Although none of us ever hopes to be in the position of having to find a lawyer, life circumstances are such that all of us will probably need a lawyer at some point or another. When that time comes, will you know what to look for?
Added Sun Mar 18 2007

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Your Guide to Selecting a Lawyer

Don't wait until you're in desperate need before you learn about the different types of law practices and how attorneys can help. Here is an overview of what you can expect from different types of law practices.
Added Sat Mar 03 2007

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Report Crime with Anonymous Email

Learn how anonymous emails can effectively be used in solving crimes and helping with other problems. You can help...
Added Thu Jan 18 2007

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Tips to Choose Expert Court Witness

Read these crucial tips before choosing an expert court witness for your legal case...
Added Mon Nov 13 2006

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