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Be a Good Citizen: Report Crime with Anonymous Email

With anonymous email, you can contact someone personally, and they won't know who has written the email. Anonymous e mail is now being used for a number of purposes such as giving crime tips, complaining about or complimenting a business' customer service, reporting theft on the job, and many other uses. You can be a good citizen by reporting suspicious or illegal activities by anonymous email without taking risks.

It is simple to open anonymous email accounts. The company that provides the service will do the rest for you. Your message will be sent to the recipient's address and will give no indication of your email address or identity. If they should reply to your message, you will be sent an email from the company's server to your address. Your email address will not be revealed because you will be going through another server. Unlike private label email, your name and address are not used.

Why Use Anonymous Email?

There are many reasons that anonymous email might be useful. If there is someone causing your children trouble, you could write to their parents or school without revealing your identity. By remaining anonymous, you might avoid unpleasant confrontations and misunderstandings.

Another way to use anonymous email is as a form of protection. You could warn someone of things going on that they are not aware of. Your privacy is protected, and confidentiality is assured. It could also be a confidence booster to someone who is feeling isolated and alone in his or her problems. They can email a doctor or counselor anonymously for advice.

Crime Tips

One of the most constructive uses for sending anonymous e mail is conveying crime tips to the police or other law enforcement agencies. Your identity is completely protected, and you will never be contacted. You do not have to become involved with investigations or interrogations.

Contact Authorities

If you suspect a crime is being planned, get as many facts as you can. Contact the appropriate authorities by anonymous email as soon as possible. If you live on campus, and the crime is to be executed there, send a message to the campus police. If you encounter a crime plot at your work place, dispatch a message to your security company and the local or state police.

There might also be personal reasons to send anonymous emails. If a crime has been committed against you by someone you know then you might not want to be associated with the disclosure. With your tip, the authorities may be able to connect someone to more than one crime, helping to solve other cases. By sending anonymous email tips, you could possibly prevent additional crimes from being committed, thus, saving many future victims.

Help Someone Else

At times, a victim may not want to be involved with the person who has caused them trouble. In this case, you could send an anonymous email to authorities to inform them of a crime committed against someone else. This kind of tip will give them a reason to watch suspected persons and possibly prevent them from doing further harm.

Be a good citizen by reporting crime to your law enforcement agencies. If you live in a high crime area, these tips might one day prevent you from becoming a victim. Think of others that might be affected by drugs and violent crime if no one ever says anything. Protect yourself and those you love by using anonymous email to send in your crime tips. Grateful officers will be better able to patrol and monitor offenders to prevent further crimes.

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