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Exquisite Pearl Necklaces: The Ultimate in Jewelry

When it comes to pearl necklaces and other pearl jewelry, you don't need props or other fancy accessories to make them glimmer. Pearls stand alone as some of the most luxurious jewelry pieces in any woman's jewelry collection, and they can be worn just about anywhere with any dress attire. They can be matched with outfits of any color, and work wonderfully to accessorize evening wear, business suits, church clothing, party dresses, prom wear, or any special occasion ensemble.

Buying pearls offers a number of benefits over other fine jewelry. Pearls come in an array of colors and sizes. Freshwater pearls, for example, are available in the colors pink, cream, white, gold, blue and gray. And though these aren't as lustrous as pearls found in saltwater, they are still very beautiful. Pearl sizes range from 1mm up to 20mm, with round, baroque, symmetrical or irregular shapes. Remember, the bigger the pearl - the greater its price.

Pearl jewelry also comes in many price ranges, including investor grade pearls such as the Japanese akoya cultured pearls; white, black and golden South Sea cultured pearls; and the extremely rare natural pearl. More affordable varieties include Chinese akoya pearls, freshwater cultured pearls, high-grade freshwater pearls, and synthetic (manufactured) pearls.

How to Recognize High Quality Pearls

When buying pearl necklaces, decide if you want a double strand with smaller pearls or a single strand of larger pearls. Double strands typically cost more, but this might be more your style. If buying a pearl bracelet or pearl earrings to go with your pearl necklace, be sure to examine each carefully to ensure a perfect (or at least a very close) match. Take your pearl necklace with you if shopping separately for these items so you can compare.

No matter how well lit the store is, take the pearls you are considering and place them on a flat, white surface for examination. Consider the overtone of the pearl, or the secondary tint of the pearl. Pearls with pinkish or rose overtones indicate good quality, while those with a bluish or greenish tint indicate cheaper varieties. When examining a strand of pearls, such as pearl necklaces and bracelets, look carefully at each pearl on the strand. Consider each pearl's surface, reflections, light and dark areas on the surface, and the orient or rainbow of colors you can see in the pearls. Light reflections on high-grade pearls should be clear and concise.

If you're not sure how to tell one pearl from another, shop only at jewelry stores where quality is guaranteed. Ask about the grading of the store's pearls, and find the highest grade of pearls to fit your budget.

Sizing Pearl Necklaces

Selecting the appropriate pearl necklace size is very important. Necklace lengths range from 16 inches up to 36 inches. Determine when and with what types of outfits you will wear your pearl necklace the most. Do you prefer a necklace that hugs the base of your neck, or a longer strand of pearls that hangs just below the bust area? Or, do you prefer various lengths somewhere in between? Consider that you might wear your pearls often and for years to come, so find a length that will work for you now and in the future.

Keep It Simple

Don't overdo it with your pearl jewelry. If you have a pearl necklace, complement it with simple, single pearl earrings. Wearing a pearl bracelet and earrings might be too much with some outfits, and can take away from your pearl necklace. Use your judgment to determine which pearl jewelry best complements your outfits. Also, some outfits may look wonderful with pearls while others take away from the pearls. Multi-colored clothing or bright clothing might hide the true beauty and sparkle of your pearls, whereas solid, dark colors will make them stand out.

Pearl necklaces and other fine pearl jewelry make great gifts for Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversary gifts, birthdays, or any time you want to express your affection. And now, you can easily buy high quality pearl necklaces and jewelry at online jewelers to get great value for your dollars. Shopping online offers variety at affordable prices, whether you need akoya pearls or freshwater pearls. Start enjoying the sheer beauty of pearls today!

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