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Earring Organizer Tips You Can't Live Without

If you wear jewelry, then you know how quickly jewelry pieces can get jumbled in your jewelry box. Storing jewelry while it's not in use doesn't have to be a hassle. By using an earring organizer, you can save time and protect your jewelry for many more years of wear.

Types of Earring Organizers

There are many types of earring organizers to fit your needs and budget. If you own only a few pairs of earrings then a small earring tree, case, or rack might do the trick. Earring trees usually hold between five and ten pairs of earrings and enable you to display them neatly on a decorative storage unit that resembles a tree made of brass, sterling silver, or other materials. The lovely earring tree adds beauty to any jewelry table or dresser top.

An earring rack provides storage on display similar to that of an earring tree, but maybe not quite as fancy in design. You might also keep a small collection of earrings in an earring case for out-of-sight storage.

If you own many pairs of earrings (more than ten), you'll enjoy having an earring organizer with plenty of space where it's easy to arrange all your earrings. Nowadays there are earring organizers that can be hung on a wall for display and easy access. These help you display your earrings neatly in pairs so you can view them all at once. Hanging them on the wall of your bedroom or bathroom gives you more space on your dresser top. It also adds color and appeal to your room. You might enhance your hanging earring organizer with lighting, silk flowers, sconces, paintings, or other wall decorations to bring out the colors and designs in your earrings.

Look for an earring organizer with no preset holes so you can store earrings in the order you wish. You might want to organize all your hanging earrings in one place, and post and clip earrings in another. The earring holder should have plenty of space to work with and keep the earrings in place without risk of falling. Choose an organizer that can easily be wall-mounted securely or placed on a stand on your dresser or table. Look for an earring organizer made of sturdy materials such as solid wood frames and one that is big enough to hold all your earrings. Example: An 11 x 14 organizer typically displays between 35 and 40 pairs of earrings.

To Hide Away or Display Openly?

With most earring organizers, you can either hide them away in an armoire, closet, or jewelry holder, or you can display them openly on your walls or dresser top. This really depends on your personal taste and the space provided in the room. Earring organizers help you keep the pairs together without getting them tangled with one another or with other jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. When you display earrings in pairs generously spaced one from another, it prevents the loss of earrings as well as damage to the earrings such as scratches or dents.

Use these creative methods of storing your earrings and other jewelry so you can always find what you need when getting ready for work or an evening out. Earring organizers to suit your needs are readily available online at affordable prices. This means you can start getting your jewelry collection in order sooner than you think.

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