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Different Types of Hunter Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are back in style in a big way. The precision timepieces are both ornamental and utilitarian, and make ideal gifts for just about anyone who loves classic - and not so classic - styles for just about any special occasion. Whether you choose antique pocket watches or a new pocket watch from one of today's top designers, these watches are destined to become collectibles to hand down to the next generation.

Hunter pocket watches are the most popular type of pocket watch on the market. The outer case provides protection for the watch crystal and face, and is a major part of the stylishness of each individual watch. Many of them are engraved or otherwise embellished on the back and the front, while others feature a transparent case to allow the innards of the watch to show through. Hunter watches are classified by the type and shape of the cover.

Open Face Watches

Open face pocket watches are more popular now than in the past because watch crystals are far more resilient than they were in the 18th and 19th century. Antique open face pocket watches are fairly rare because the glass and enamel for the crystal and face were fragile, so they tend to command a high price when they come on the market, especially if they're in excellent condition. Many European and Asian manufacturers make these today using high precision gears and gold, silver or pewter cases.

Full Hunter

Full hunter pocket watches have a solid metal door that covers the entire face and makes it impossible to read without popping open the lid. The cover may be plain and polished, or it may be engraved or decorated. Some of the most popular watches today are embellished with military insignia or with the symbols of a profession, and often engraved with a personal message inside the cover. Women's pendant watches are often full hunter watches, though some are open face.

Half Hunter Pocket Watches

Among the most popular styles today is a half hunter pocket watch, which has a glass panel inset into the front cover so that you can easily read the position of the hands without opening the cover. Some of the most unusual half hunter watches of this style are engraved around the window opening with flowers or vines or embellished with gemstones. Others also have a window inset into the back of the case, allowing the clockworks to show through.

Double Hunter Pocket Watches

Double hunter watches are the most popular of all modern pocket watches. They have covers on both the front and the back, with the back cover opening to show off the movements of the watch and the front window allowing you to read the time without opening the cover.

Double Half Hunter Pocket Watches

Combining both the half hunter and double hunter styles, these are among the most elaborate and beautiful of all pocket watches. They feature both a front and back hinged cover, both inset with glass to allow you to see the face of the watch from the front and the workings from the back, all without opening the lid.

If you're looking for a pocket watch for yourself or as a gift for someone special, you'll find many websites that sell wholesale pocket watches, along with pendant watches, designer handbags and other types of jewelry, including gold leaf jewelry.

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