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Pocket Watches Make Great Gifts for Dads and Grads

April showers bring May flowers, but when June rolls around, Dads and grads own the scene. With Fathers' Day and graduations taking center stage, you may find yourself searching for the perfect men's special occasion gift. Might I suggest a pocket watch?

Pocket watches are a traditional commemorative gift for men. The precision timepieces popularized on the railroads during the late 19th century are obviously symbolic for occasions that mark the passage of time, making them the ideal graduation gift for young men. In addition to the symbolic value, watch cases offer an ideal canvas on which to engrave a monogram, name or personalized message, which made pocket watches especially popular as retirement gifts.

Choosing Pocket Watches for Dad

Besides their history, pocket watches have intrinsic value of their own. While those who aren't familiar with the many styles and variations may think one pocket watch is much like another, the fact is that there are hundreds of different designs available. If you're looking for the perfect pocket watch for dad, there are a few tips that can help you make your choice.

Service Membership

Is your dad a member or a veteran of the armed services? Why not pay honor to the association by choosing a pocket watch decorated with the insignia of his branch of the service? He'll be honored and proud to show off a pocket watch that proudly displays the insignia of the Marine Corps, Navy, U.S. Army or Air Force. Make it doubly special have the pocket watch engraved with his name, dates of service and unit.

Honor His Profession

Our nation's first responders are everyday heroes or heroes every day. If your dad is a firefighter, let him know how proud you are with a pocket watch featuring a Fire Fighter's crest. The embossed crest features the instruments and tools of the firefighter's trade ladders, fire hooks, axes and a hydrant and had plenty of room to add a personal message or engraving. Put his service in perspective by engraving the pocket watch with his department, firehouse and company.

Pocket Watches for Grads

No outfit is complete without a timepiece to keep a man on schedule. Pocket watches are more than utilitarian accessories. They're marvels of engineering and design that can express a man's personal style and coordinate with any outfit. Choosing the right watch for your favorite grad is a matter of personal style and you have dozens of choices.

Modern and contemporary pocket watches run the gamut from classic, understated styles to gaudy watches embellished with engraving, embossing and inset stones. One of the most popular choices is a plain silver pocket watch with an unornamented case that's ideal for engraving. If you purchase the watch from a website that sells wholesale pocket watches at discount prices, you can have the front case engraved with a personalized motif a family crest, perhaps?

There's room on the back or inside of the case to engrave the graduate's name and graduation date to personalize it further.

You'll find stylish pocket watches and pendant watches online at a site that sells jewelry, including gold leaf jewelry and lockets. Shop around and find the best deals on the best gifts for your dad and favorite grad.

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