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Contemporary Designs for Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are among the most classic of timepieces, but that doesn't mean they're all old-fashioned. Some of the most attractive timepieces feature contemporary interpretations of classic designs. If you're looking for the perfect fashion accent that's also a reliable and functional piece of jewelry, check out these five beautiful contemporary pocket watch designs.

London Vintage Style Mechanical Pocket Watch

Based on the classic styling popular in early 20th century London, the London Vintage Style Mechanical Pocket Watch mimics an open-face pocket watch design, but offers the protection of a hunter's case watch. The front of the case cover features a scratch-resistant mineral glass inset that reveals and magnifies the watch face. The glass front is bordered with an engraved rope of antique brash finished metal. The back of the watch features a peek-a-boo window that reveals the inner workings of the precision-engineered timepiece. It's a classy look that's ideal for business wear.

Double Side Open Mechanical Pocket Watch

Classic styling and modern sensibility combine to create this beautiful standout among pocket watches. Unlike most hunter case pocket watches, the double side open mechanical pocket watchcase opens both on the front side and the backside. The opening on the case front is covered with scratch resistant mineral glass and is bordered with a ring engraved with the hours so you can read the time without opening the case. The watch face is open in the center, revealing the inner mechanical workings from both the front and the back of the watch.

Modern Style Pocket Watch

Unusual and delightful, the Modern Style Pocket Watch features a double-faced design. The front of the watch is enclosed in a pop-open hunter's case engraved and embossed with an asymmetrical design of swirls and leaves. The back of the watch features a peek-a-boo window, but instead of the expected gears and clockworks, it reveals a second clock face to allow you to see the time without opening the front of the case. The edging of the case back is an openwork metal design with a steampunk aesthetic, making it the ideal accessory for business and casual attire.

Pirate Pocket Watch

Shiver me timbers! While most contemporary pocket watches feature classic styling with elements drawn from vintage designs, there are exceptions. The Pirate Pocket Watch is a playful contemporary design engraved with the image of a grinning skull and crossbones wearing a pirate hat and an eye patch. The front case pops open with the click of a button to reveal a standard clock face, and the back is beautifully burnished brass suitable for engraving.

If your tastes run to pocket watches with contemporary style, you'll find many modern and unique designs online at websites that feature wholesale pocket watches and other imported jewelry, including pendant watches, cameos, and gold leaf jewelry. Look for styles suitable for men or women, as well as many pocket watches that feature unisex styling that look great with any style of attire. From pirate skulls to butterflies, you'll find pocket watches that will please anyone on your gift list.

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