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Women of All Ages Enjoy Beautiful Jewelry and 3-Stone Rings

When little girls are old enough to wear jewelry, the first jewelry piece given to them by a parent or other relative is often a ring. When little girls become teenagers they often want to get their ears pierced and dream of diamond stud earrings. When teenage girls become young women they dream of engagement rings and pearl necklaces. And when young women mature and have a family, they dream of right hand 3-stone rings.

When buying a child jewelry, a signet ring or even a birthstone ring would be good options. A child's first ring is something that will stay with them for many years to come. Rings can be sized as a child grows, but if they choose not to alter the ring, they could always wear it on a chain or put it away in a safe place and save it for a child of their own. Another gifting idea for a child might be a cross necklace or other religious jewelry, depending on their faith.

There is a wide variety of teen jewelry on the market today. Almost every teenage girl dreams of having diamond stud earrings. If not diamond, then any number of beautiful gemstone earrings. Some precious stones represent birthstones; stones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, citrine, alexandrite, aquamarine, tourmeline and garnet, to name a few, and these are always welcome gifts for most teenage girls. Besides rings and earrings, teens also love bracelets and necklaces made of silver or gold.

At some point in a girl's life she starts dreaming of her wedding day. Engagement rings, wedding bands, pearl necklaces are often the first pieces of jewelry she thinks about. When a woman begins planning her wedding, she realizes she needs to think of gifts for her bridesmaids, flower girls, other attendants, her mother, and her fiance's mother. A dainty gold bracelet would be beautiful on a flower girl's wrist. Beautifully coordinated necklaces or pins for her bridesmaids make a thoughtful gift and can certainly add that finishing touch to their wedding attire. In the same respect, buying beautiful gemstone brooches for the bride and groom's mothers to wear would certainly be an appropriate gift and will bring back wonderful memories for them each time they wear it.

Women always like jewelry. It seems to be part of their nature to want to accessorize their outfits. Nugget jewelry or a brooch can add style to an old dress. Slide pendants, such as gold hearts, are versatile and stylish and can add finish to any neckline. The right piece of jewelry can add sophistication to a formal gown; black diamonds, blue diamonds, yellow diamonds, and most often white diamonds most definitely add finish and elegance to any outfit, no matter how casual or formal the occasion may be.

Right hand rings are also very popular and can make great anniversary gifts. Right hand rings often have multiple stones in swirls, patterns, abstract designs, or a large stone flanked by two smaller stones, called three stone rings. Three stone rings have definitely gained in popularity over the past few years.

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