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Explosive Growth in the Video Marketplace

Remember letter writing and land lines? Although text-based email and messaging seem state-of-the art, it won't be long before text will be considered antiquated, relegated to the junk heap of old communication methods. It's true that close to one billion people across the globe are communicating online, but a seismic shift is about to occur.

The Masses Have Spoken

When YouTube exploded onto the scene, even those on the cutting edge of the high-tech industry were taken aback. The masses wanted to communicate via video, and that wanted that capability now. Before long, everyone who was anyone was scrambling to incorporate video into a variety of online communications. Having a video blog or a video podcast became fashionable, as did adding streaming media to social networking sites.

All Video, All the Time

But most of the technorati missed the point. The next wave of communication will be all video, all the time. Video email will be the communication medium of choice, and live broadcast via the Web will be an everyday occurrence. Even instant messaging will be video-based. That's why those in the know are poised to capitalize on this next phase of the Digital Age, and why some will emerge as millionaires or billionaires. They understand that a sea change in people's behavior can create immense wealth.

The Key to Change

The people who are going to profit from this phenomena are those who can develop a mechanism whereby people can store, access, and manipulate their digital lives. Virtually everyone has what could be termed "digital assets," such as digital photos, digital videos, email, instant message, data on personal digital assistants, and downloaded songs. The challenge facing most people isn't in the collection of all of this digital data; it's in what to do with it. Stored across a half dozen devices and on a variety of platforms, most people's digital lives are largely inaccessible.

Companies that can provide a Web-based product that enables people to manage their digital assets from a single location, and that recognize the power of the video marketplace, are perfectly positioned to create enormous wealth.

Getting in On the Action

Most "regular" people assume that they will never be in the position to capitalize on an emerging trend. The reality is that, for those who recognize them as such, opportunities abound to get in on the ground floor of the next phase of the digital revolution. Many times, early adopters of new technologies are rewarded not only when they use the technology, but also when they convince their colleagues, friends, and family members to jump on the bandwagon.

Think back several years. What if you knew that digital cameras would catch on like wildfire, and you earned money every time a friend or colleague bought a digital camera? And then you earned more money every time one of their friends or acquaintances bought a digital camera, and so forth and so on? You'd be a millionaire many times over.

The same opportunities are available for groundbreaking ideas and technology concerning video communications and digital asset management. Planting the seeds today will enable you to reap the harvest when the digital revolution truly comes to fruition.

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