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Web Success and Your Internet Service Provider (ISP): The Crucial Link

If you're an online business owner, you understand the importance of your site's design and presentation. Your Internet business will not flourish all by itself. It takes hard work and dedication to build a great website. However, there's another important part of your online business that can be overlooked if you're not careful - your Internet Service Provider, or ISP. Your business may be losing money if you choose an Internet Service Provider that's not up to par in service or technology.

Time and Profits

You may ask, "What does my Internet Service Provider have to do with business profits?" For starters, your time is valuable. If you have to spend much time trying to get programs, images or software to load onto your computer, then you are actually wasting time. If you communicate often with instant messenger, a slow loading time can possibly result in losing a client!

Also, you are losing profits when your Internet Service Provider is not providing the best possible connection. To be profitable, your business must run smoothly. It should have as little downtime as possible. When you're down because of a poor Internet connection, your business is down as well. Can you afford to be out of work several times a day?

Remember, time wasted on a slow connection could be spent on promotions, customer service and improving your site or products.

Causes of Slow Internet Connections

A slow Internet connection could be caused by a number of things: older computers, slow dial-up connections, too many people online at once in a neighborhood or office, etc. Even if it costs a little more to sign on with a DSL high speed Internet service, it will be worth it. Here are two major benefits below.

Complete your Online Projects Sooner

With a dependable DSL connection, you'll be able to complete online projects sooner. Projects with deadlines are stressful enough without having to wait on slow connections or slow computers. It's great to be able to work without interruption. This is possible when choosing an Internet Service Provider that offers DSL services to fit your needs.

Combine your Internet Service Provider and Instant Messenger

Another way to save time and improve productivity is to choose an Internet Service Provider that offers combined services. You can have an Internet Service Provider and instant messenger all in one package. A high speed DSL connection with built-in instant messenger can help with customer communications and other online tasks because it all works together. Instead of working with several companies, you're only working with one.

Whether choosing just a DSL connection service or an Internet Service Provider and instant messenger combined package, you'll soon have more time than ever to work on your Internet business!

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