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Why Self Managed Dedicated Hosting Might Work for Your Business

If you are launching a new business web site, or if your business has outgrown its shared server, self managed dedicated hosting might be the right hosting solution for you.

What is Self Managed Dedicated Hosting?

Self managed dedicated hosting, which is also called unmanaged hosting, is a type of hosting in which you lease your own server that will be kept in an off-site data center. The server is for your use only, meaning it is not shared with other websites or companies. With self managed dedicated hosting, you'll be required to have some technical experience with web servers so you can perform your own management and administrative tasks. If you don't have technical experience, consider hiring a technical person to handle these tasks if you feel the self managed server is what your business needs.

What about Managed Dedicated Hosting?

Self managed dedicated hosting is not to be confused with managed dedicated hosting. With managed hosting, a hosting provider gives technical support and basic system helps. You will still have complete control over your server, and the server is dedicated entirely to your business web site as with self managed hosting. You'll also be offered optional managed services such as upgrades, security patching, firewalls, and backup systems.

With both types of hosting, you can choose between two operating systems, Windows and Linux. Also with both, you'll have control over the hardware, bandwidth capacity, and processor so you can expand your site as needed.

Which Type of Hosting is Right for You?

Choosing which type of hosting, self managed or managed, is easy once you know what your specific needs are for a website. If you're not sure, talk with a programmer or web developer to determine what you will need. Be sure to outline all the features and capabilities needed for your site to be operational and to grow in the future.

Types of sites range from small business informational sites to blogs, gaming, and a variety of e-commerce sites. Also, determine the type of programming you'll need to accomplish your goals - PHP, ASP, and so forth.

You should also consider your budget for webhosting. The self managed dedicated hosting is more affordable than managed because the administrative and technical services are not offered. But if you need technical assistance, you might want to invest a little more for the managed server. Other features to consider with any website hosting service include domain name registration, web design capabilities (Front Page design or other programs), and the type of services or amount of web space offered for your investment.

Whether buying a self managed dedicated server or a managed server, explore all your options before making a commitment. Use online resources to research various hosting companies and find out what each offers. When choosing a provider, go for quality of service and trust rather than price so you can enjoy years of prosperity with your new business web site.

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