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New Trend: Free Online Dating Sites With Skype

Although, "What's your sign?" might seem like a dated pick-up line, many people base their dating decisions on what sign of the zodiac a potential partner is born under. But how do star signs fit into our modern world of online dating, social networking and services like Skype?

Very well, thank you. If you believe in meeting partners based on the compatibility of your astrological signs, the web and all the technology behind it make finding the right person that much easier. Whether it's men seeking a woman or a woman seeking men, all you need is find a place or service that includes star signs in their selection criteria and matching algorithms.

What's changed compared to the olden days is that even advanced US online dating and social networking can be 100% free. That's because a lot of those services are advertising-supported like commercial television or websites. This way, you can enjoy 100% free online dating and you can save your money for dates instead of spending it on fees.

What do these free online dating communities offer? A lot. With some of the more advanced ones, after you sign up and create a meaningful profile you can instantly search for others who share a hobby or interest, who are looking for a companion, or seek a relationship. Potential partners can be contacted via internal messaging, private email, private bulletin boards or even Skype!

But isn't Skype just one of those free Internet phone services? It is that, and more. Some online dating sites have started integrating Skype into their free services, using Skype's advanced voice/video chat and conferencing capabilities. This way, if you've found someone and are ready to move beyond just instant messaging, you can invite that potential special person to a voice or video chat. This can fill the often-awkward gap between being "online" and an actual face-to-face date.

How can Skype be integrated into an online dating service? Well, you do need to have a Skype account (it's very easy to set one up). If you do, the social network or dating service will have a special registration server that will authenticate your account and then add Skype. Once you're set up, a Skype icon becomes part of your profile and you can use it to call or chat with a future hot date or send them files. It really adds a lot to an emerging relationship.

While the stars may affect your personality and preferences, they will not automatically bring you a compatible friend, date or mate. By choosing an online dating site that takes astrological data into consideration, you increase your odds in finding the right person. But don't just pick any. The sign of the Zodiac may be important, but the site should also let you describe yourself in detail, and give you an opportunity to describe what you are looking for in a mate.

Compatibility is everything, and with all the modern technology in free social networking and online dating sites, it's easier than ever to find that special someone, the one in a million. Will it happen to you? That's written in the stars, but you can help things move along.

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