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Forty-Eight Percent of Business Owners Could Increase Business With Content Marketing

There is consistent and overwhelming evidence that content marketing can drastically increase a business' profitability. But in a shocking new study, researchers it has become known that a whopping 52 percent of companies aren't taking steps to increase their content marketing budgets. Most business owners understand that because we live in a digital world, content marketing is simply the best way to reach existing and new customers. But, according to the study, a large majority of business owners have no plans to budget for that expense. Matthew Hesser, President of Majon International, says he believes business owners understand the importance of content marketing, but simply don't know how to implement an effective program. And the research seems to back up his suppositions.

What the Survey Shows

The survey, which interviewed 290 marketing, sales, and business professionals, shows that over half of those who use content marketing do so in order to increase lead generation and improve customer engagement. After all, when people want to know more about a product, service, or company, the first thing they do is go online to read all they can in order to get a better understanding. And eighty-nine percent of those participants said that their content marketing efforts helped them achieve important sales objectives. That's good news, but the next part of the survey highlights the issues associated with this type of effective online marketing.

Business Owners Don't Know Where to Turn for Content

Over half of the participants interviewed said that they suffered from a lack of content creation resources, and that trying to do it themselves was very time consuming, and required a commitment from both marketing leaders and their teams. Simply stated, most business owners don't know where to turn to get quality, well-researched content. And their options are limited. They can hire a freelance writer, content creation company, or an intenet marketing firm, such as Majon International, to get a complete content creation package.

Another surprising aspect of the survey shows that articles are the most effective form of content marketing, overtaking even the often touted video. Fifty-four percent of those surveyed say that articles are the most effective, while only 46 percent say that videos do the best job for them. In comparison, 59 percent say that videos are the most difficult content to create, while only 31 percent put articles into that category. To combat this imagined difficulty, 85 percent of the companies surveyed say that hey outsource all or part of their content creation, which allows them to have access to capabilities and specialized skills that they don't have in-house.

If you run a business, content creation should be a major part of your marketing efforts. All of the latest research shows that companies who use it report that it significantly helps them achieve their sales objectives. Times are changing, and along with it comes a new way to reach out to consumers and convert them into customers for your business.

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